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Get ready for the First update! Say hello to the M2 Bradley, the improved A-10C, the Mi-24D Hind, the P446 and the AK-74!

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Here we go! First of all, Welcome! I hope that everyone will enjoy my mod : "Peacebreakers".
Instead of text, here are some screens!

M2 Bradley :

Vehicle used as APC in the USMC, equipped with a M240 Coaxial MG, a M242 canon of .25, Zoom x3 and a new HUD :

M2 Bradley M2 Bradley M2 Bradley


CAS plane for soldiers on the battelfield, used by the USMC, equipped with a GAU-8 canon at 3900 rpm, 14 Hydra missiles and 10 Mark 82 bomb :

A-10C A-10C A-10C

Mi-24D Hind :

Attack Helicopter used by the Russian Army, equipped with 64 57 mm missiles and a JakB front gun.

Mi-24D Hind Mi-24D Hind Mi-24D Hind

P446 Viking :

The P446 has 17 bullets, and is used by the Russian Army. It will be accompanied by a OTs33 (in a next news) :

P446 Viking P446 Viking

AK-74 :

Here the AK-47 in his iron sight version. 30 rounds, Olive Drab camo, used by the Russian Army :

AK-74 Olive Drab AK-74 Olive Drab AK-74 Olive Drab

anto-shturmovik - - 85 comments

Nice ! Are you planning to use the materials of the "tactical progression" mod for the french army ? Is singleplayer support planned ?

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pmaxie4444 Author
pmaxie4444 - - 101 comments

I don't think.
Singleplayer? Yeah sure =)

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Cpt.Dann - - 6,959 comments

How much memory would this mod take up?

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