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The Patch for Dibella's Watch is here, fixing problems, correcting issues and generally making the mod work even better.

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Patching Time

Since the release of Version 1.0 of Dibella's Watch, I've been doing the inevitable - patching - and here's the result. Errors have been corrected, small and large, but actually mostly small, since there were no major errors to correct. Sob. Oh well, the mod works even better now. Take a look at the impressive Patch Notes here below.

One more thing. You no longer need to run the AnvilTransport.esp and InGameMap.esp. Those files are now redundant, since this patch incorporates them both! This means that there's one mod slot left open and Dibella's Watch now only has two files to be activated when playing. Yay!

Download the Patch right here on ModDB. Be sure to follow the installation instructions, and have fun. Also, stay tuned for the German translation which is also in the works right now!

V1 Patch Screenies V1 Patch Screenies

Patch Notes

- Merged the Travel.esp and the InGameMap.esp with this patch. No more need for those two separate files.
- Travelling to and from Dibella's Watch now costs 100 gold.
- Strengthened Armour Rating on the Countess' Banner Armour.
- Corrected the Priestess' outfit.
- Added a room to the Countess' Banner Barracks. The armour won't be stolen goods anymore as a result.
- Edited terrain at Wordham Village. No grass under carts, in the well or under the monument anymore.
- The soldiers following Lord Scarley to Millstone Run don't stumble upon each other anymore.
- The same two soldiers will die after, if for some reason, they're not killed in the battle.
- Corrected a problem with the Tavylana quest where the quest wouldn't advance when taking out the Deadtree in the ruin by range.
- Corrected a problem where result scripts at The Battle of Grandoak Cross weren't read if you kill the enemy from afar.
- The enemy now gets some reinforcements during the Battle of Grandoak Cross, prolonging the fighting.
- Additional balancing done on enemy troops at Grandoak Cross and Dreadmoore Hills.
- Added a monument to honour Lord Scarley at Scarley village.
- The Nord slave at Al Raj is now liberated as well after the town has been freed.
- Renck's Widow is now added properly to the Scarleyshire Faction.
- Corrected an issue with incorrect versions of flower vases which were Misc Items while they should be Statics.
- Lady Wordham now properly does Recharging of items and training in Restoration.
- Corrected an issue with Leowina's Reward where the player couldn't get it as the quests advanced.
- Removed a secret trap door in the Secret Passage at Wordham Castle which let you enter into The Void.
- Made the Count's dialogue better in several instances. Also edited Reynald Wordham's a bit.
- Made the start of the "Wedding Bells" quest more logical.
- Cleaned up after the war. Dead bodies removed.
- Rearranged some things in Scarley castle and added a couple of paintings with Scarley themes.
- Applied a fix to a rare bug known as the "NVidia Black Screen Bug". It won't appear in this mod.
- The Smith at Al Raj now has a stock.
- Guard Captain Algert at Scarley now has clothes under his armour.
- Moved a Wolfpack near Fort Varschenk. In rare cases, they interfered with Lord Scarley's attack on the Fort.
- Balanced the Blackcrow Goblins so that they're not so rock-hard.
- Numerous small corrections done; like trees and rocks hanging in the air, face edits and the like.
- Some detail landscaping has been done and a couple of more enemies added here and there.

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