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Bugs, bugs everywhere. Squishing commencing. Details within. Please post any bugs you find in the bug report forum, it'll lead to them being fixed faster.

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Some issues have arisen in the first few days, some have been fixed already, more fixes are on the way. If you see any problems while playing, please post on the bug report forum here with all the details of the bug or crash you can provide. There seems to be a problem some users are having related to the physics engine that others don't see at all, and locking it down should solve the worst of the remaining bugs, so details on that would be especially useful.

Each patch will add at least some functionality, even if it's only new journal entries to read. That way, even people not seeing bugs get something out of having to download the patch.

v0.12 (Waiting on Desura verification)

    • More help journals for research items (more to come)
    • Compacted Files to half previous size
    • Journal order bug
    • One mining drill crash bug
    • Save corruption bug
    • Modified Dynamic music sensitivity (more tweaking to do soon)


    • More help journals for research items (more to come)
    • Crash from early 'Latcher' mini-quest
    • Crash to do with non english language

I've been having some crash problems when minimizing the windows as well it'll crash like every 30 minutes but i really do like this game.

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Freelancer11 Author

Can you make the minimising crash happen on purpose? If so, would you mind sending me some instructions on how to do it? I'd like to get that bug killed. The random crashes are dropping with each build - the particle system is being redone to minimise those problems, though that process is not complete yet. Please, if you spot any bugs, post them on the forum, they're much more likel to get fixed that way.

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