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The new Söldner Patch was just released. Be sure to get it!

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So in this patch there are a lot of bugfixes and some rebalancing was done as well.
If you have version 33900 or a newer version you only need to install the patch. If you have an older version or even don't have it yet, download the Full Installer. Both downloads will be available either on ModDB or at Here you can see the full changelog:


  • fixed a rare server crash that could occur when a commander assigned a target that was destroyed at the same time
  • grenades and kits no longer become unusable when their weapon slot is activated while touching an obstacle
  • fixed endlessly looping repair sound when the creation of an ammo pickup with the Engineer toolkit was cancelled
  • fixed a bug that caused no kill message to be shown when a unit was destroyed by a physical impact (meaning not by a weapon)
  • the chat notification for team account requests now shows the requesters score
  • weapons now display the correct amount of the ammo left
  • fixed a bug that caused weapons to play the reload sound once too often
  • fixed a bug that caused the player posture not to be synchronized properly
  • fixed commander freeze bug that could cause the commander to be unable to move after leaving the commander mode
  • it is no longer possible to start team account requests from the pre spawn terminal
  • fixed a bug that could cause the team account request block to be much too high
  • fixed a bug that could cause the players page of the webinterface to be inaccessible


  • fixed a bug that made torpedoes underrun Gyurza-class patrol boats to often
  • torpedo payload's direct damage on hit increased
  • pilots of 'Mi-17V-3 Hip-H' may now look 90° downwards and use the laser sensors as intended
  • 'Mi-17V-3 Hip-H' received advanced smoke grenade launching system
  • light helicopter MG reconfigured
  • resupply costs for all canons and automatic weapons on vehicles reconfigured
  • ranges of automatic vehicle weapons further unified
  • the Type 63 tank now has the correct commander target icon
  • armour of all Wiesel 1 & 2 reduced
  • base price of 'M1097 Avenger' reduced
  • Cruise Missile launchers now have a reload time
  • 'Fuchs TPz 1 A7' now got tool- instead of medikit refill ability
  • the refill abilities speed was adjusted for 'Fuchs TPz 1 A7' and 'Vityaz DT-10P'
  • the base prices of 'Fuchs TPz 1 A7' and 'M977 HEMMT' decreased
  • laser sensors reconfigured to match expected behaviours
  • IFVs rebalanced
  • armour and health settings of helicopters and jets redesigned; the more expensive units can now survive a Stinger hit
  • armour of submarines increased to withstand several weapons while dived
  • depth charges shall now be released one by one on Mark V and CB90-H
  • Mark V got accoustic decoys as originaly intended
  • prices and ammo capacity of rocket launchers adjusted
  • armour and base price of 'Fennek JFST' has been increased
  • incorrect weapon distribution on 'Eurofighter' changed, it now has two anti tank missiles instead of additional anti air missiles
  • changed reload sounds for some mounted automatic guns
  • renamed 'RAH-66 Comanche' to 'RAH-66 AT Comanche'
  • renamed 'RAH-66 Comanche Anti-Air' to 'RAH-66 AA Comanche'
  • new weapon-configuration for 'EC665 Tiger': pilot got flares, unguided rockets and laser-missiles; WSO got turret gun, video-guided missiles and laser-marker
  • new weapon-configuration for 'KA-50 Black Shark': flares, heavy heli gun, unguided rockets, IR-guided anti-tank missiles, IR-guided Anti-Air missiles
  • new weapon-configuration for 'A-10C Thunderbolt II': flares, heavy jet gun, IR-guided Anti-Tank missiles, laser-guided 500lb bombs, unguided bombs
  • 'A-10C Thunderbolt II' and 'Su-25KM Scorpion' were reduced in manoeuverability
  • the base price for several aircrafts adjusted, in addition most combat jets became cheaper
  • side armour of the MBT 'Challenger', 'Leopard', 'Abrams' and 'Leclerc' slightly reduced
  • a second laser-marker has been added to the Apache Longbow, giving also the pilot the ability to mark targets
  • changed flight path for infantry rocket launchers
  • unified usage of visors used for launchers based upon the trajectory of the rockets
  • fixed the distances shown in rocket launcher visors or added them if they have not been there yet
  • the Su-32 pilot now has a laser marker
  • increased impact of laser- and ir-guided Anti-Tank missiles of jets
  • jet A-10 no longer has laser-bombs
  • reduced the base price of jets A-10, Rafale, F-22
  • reduced the base price for the Black-Shark
  • some category settings for vehicles fixed
  • the 'EQ2102' truck received a refill medikit ability and a new base price of $500
  • base price for Hind helicopter decreased
  • the boats 'CRRC' and 'RIB' are more stable in the water now
  • driver and passenger animations changed for the following vehicles: Dingo, eagle III, EQ2102, Fennek, Fuchs Tpz
  • base price for weapon HK MP7 increased


  • converted texture for blue smoke grenade to violet
  • adjusted collision boxes so the PCV Jeeps and DPV can no longer drive under high trucks
  • DPV model reworked
  • model of the Apache Longbow got a new cockpit, sensor units and further details were added
  • added new weapon Mac 10


  • Oasis: fixed houses that were not set on the ground properly
  • Zagadochniy Sad: redesigned two CPs
  • Attu Island: fixed hovering houses and flag
  • Atlas: removed helis and jets (VTOLs are still available)

That is it for now. Be sure to keep an eye on Soldner as there will be more patches soon. I look forward to see you on the battlefield. And remember, Soldner will never cost you any money. It is free of costs now and forever ;)

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