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Patch notes for updates to v17,v18,v19,v20,v21,v22. Steam Workshop, New Maps, Huge Item Rework, Website Improvements, Balance Changes and much more...

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cRPG Mod

Versions 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22

Updates and Patch Notes πŸ“œ

Now Available on Steam Workshop πŸ’»


  1. The mod must now be downloaded from the steam workshop here the launcher won't work anymore.
  2. You'll also have to remove the old cRPG folder in at Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\cRPG.
  3. Don't hesitate to start the workshop item to give the mod more visibility before the official Bannerlord release.


Website πŸ–₯️

  • Display tier field on items. @Namidaka
  • Display upkeep cost on items. @Thradok
  • Better shop images for items. @Namidaka
  • You now have to type in the character name of the character you want to delete to confirm. This should put a stop to people deleting character by mistake. @orle
  • Display item flags in shop such as "UseTeamColor". @takeo


(Sample of Shop Body Armours)

Mod βš”οΈ

  • Iron Flesh was buffed from 2 health point by point to 3 @Namidaka.
  • Disallowed capturing flags on horseback. @takeo
  • Disabled flag HUD when the maps has no flags to allow flagless maps. @takeo
  • Made swing speed slower on horseback depending on the weapon length. @Namidaka
  • Reworked armor price curve. Medium armor are now less expensive. @Namidaka
  • Nerfed mount maneuverability. @Namidaka
  • Disabled a perk that reduced damage pierce damage by 20 %. (Damage reduction from perks and effects) @Gotha
  • Re-Added light crossbows. @Namidaka
  • Increased cavalry spawn to delay from 6 to 10 seconds. @Gotha
  • Reworked bows. @Namidaka
  • Rework accuracy formula. @Namidaka
  • Removed extra crossbow 35% reload speed bug. @Namidaka
  • Decreased short bow aim speed. @Namidaka
  • Decreased slightly mount speed scaling with riding skill. @Namidaka
  • Increased mount maneuverability scaling with riding skill. @Namidaka
  • Decreased bow hold time for high agility builds @Namidaka.
  • Increased mount harnesses armor and updated harness and mount price. @Namidaka
  • Removed flag removal announcement for single-flag map.s @takeo
  • Reworked mounted archery. @Namidaka
  • Fixed proficiency skill bug. @Namidaka
  • Made horse rear even at low speed. @Namidaka
  • Lag Spike Bug fixed. @Takeo
  • Map pool should now stop decreasing after several games. @takeo
  • Clan banners are now available in-game. Due to a Bannerlord technical limitation, the banner code length can only be up to 100 characters. That issue was reported to TW devs and will potentially be fixed in a future Bannerlord update. @Gotha
  • Horse are now only rearable by thrust damage (i.e. the Bo Staff won't rear horses anymore). @Gotha
  • The cavalry spawn delay now depends on the number of players on the server (e.g. 13 seconds for 60 players and 22 seconds for 120 players). @Gotha
  • An ELO will now be computed for each character. This is the first step for us to do a proper team balancing. @Namidaka
  • Added a !suicide chat command. @takeo
  • A warning is now displayed when you try to spawn without weapons. @takeo
  • Bows got their damage nerfed by one. It seems thats bows did not implement aimspeed , so bows should now use aimspeed . Bow should now also aim a bit slower.
  • A huge bug impacted most of the items reworked that made them have "phantoms stats". These stats were displayed on the website but would not add anything in game. Weapons damages should now be within expectation. @Namidaka
  • Slightly buffed polearms. @Namidaka
  • Maces got their damage buffed and their speed decreased. @Namidaka
  • Nerfed the Avalanche. @Namidaka




Item Rework πŸ› 

Polearms damage were not scaled properly to crpg1 Health Pool. We brought the damage from 66 for the item that had the highest damage down to 47. In exchange to make sure that the class is still viable , we brought a lot of weapons really close to Tier 10 to give you variety when playing the Polearm class. Spears that used to cost 300 gold now cost more to reflect their impact on the battlefield. We are aware that spears are not in the best place right now for infantry players and we will try to make spears more enjoyable in the future.

Jeereed got their long coming nerf and had their damages reduced from 41 to 36.
There are now high tier throwing axes and throwing knives.
There is also now three different throwing "lances" that have high damage but only one ammo.

Two Handed :
Two handed was the least played class as it lacked a lot of range compared to cRPG1. We made some of them longer, and brought a diversity of length and swing speed/damage to the high tiers. We also brought two different axes to higher tiers so they could be a viable option.

One Handed :
Players had a relationship of hate/love with Decorated Broadsword. The players using it loved it , and the players one the receiving hand hated it ;). I believe that the main problem with the DB was that it had a mix of very high speed and decent length that could make the animation very frustrating. DB deals now 3 more damage to bring it closer to crpg1 One Handed Sword but has now 6 swing speed less. We also brought different types of maces and one onehanded axes to the high tier in order to bring more variety to onehanders.

None of these changes are definitive.

They're aimed at giving you more choices that you can enjoy, while trying to make sure that no item gives an unfair advantage. Some of the changed weapon may now look silly , some of them might too strong or too weak , so expect from us patches coming in the next day to rebalance the game after this huge change.
Rest assured that we will take time to read all of your feedback, in order to make a better cRPG for all of us.

Enjoy the Patches!

Maps πŸ—ΊοΈ

Many updates and fixes as well as new maps joining the rotation:

  • Updated map Skolderby @Radsvid
  • Updated and Re-Added Dragon's Roost by @judie
  • Added new map Ghost Town by @LowLifeLarry
  • Added new map "Cabbage Patch" by @polluxo
  • Added new map Auglire Fortress by @Aragon
  • Added new map Kalmara by @Telford
  • Added new map Bazaar by @TruthfulLies of Haven


(Skolderby by Radsvid)

(A player praises the holy cabbage on "Cabbage Patch" By polluxo)

Thanks to Testers πŸ§ͺ

We're really grateful to @GEEKILLER95_The_Leech_King, @Blackbow, @Freya, @Riflex for the many hours testing before release.

Server Crash Issue ☠️

We are aware that there are still many crashes. Most issues stemming from taleworlds servers and the exact cause remains unclear. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these server problems.


Official cRPG Discord πŸ’¬

Active daily with a variety of game based and community channels the cRPG Discord provides an easy place to meet and coordinate with thousands of other cRPG Players! Serving as a hub for players the Discord is also useful for players dealing with technical problems or looking for more information on the game! Join the Official cRPG Discord!

Official cRPG Twitter 🐦and Youtube ▢️

We now have a Twitter! Follow us Here for updates and community content! We also have a Youtube where we will be posting gameplay, community videos, trailers and more. Like and subscribe Here!


If you want to help support the development of cRPG, consider donating to us on Patreon!

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