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A brief look at all of the things currently WRONG with the story, for which I am extremely sorry.

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Hello again, everyone!

Bad news this time around, I am afraid. I have spent the last 2-3 days trying to work through bugs and other types of issues, with limited success.

Some of the errors include:

-Game crashing upon entering the Storage area (fixed)
-Game crashing upon entering the Guest Room (fixed)
-Items not appearing in the Laboratory (still looking into it)
-Issues with starting locations

If you happen to know of any that are not on this list, PLEASE let me know by leaving a comment for this news post, leaving a post at Frictional Games' website in my thread (link in Abduction's profile), a PM here or a PM on Frictional's site.

The biggest thing troubling me is that I have not experienced ANY of the aforementioned errors, and that makes it extremely difficult to fix them because I cannot recreate them.

That said, I am working on fixing these issues as quickly as I can, because I know nobody likes to play a buggy game.

I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience these errors have caused, and I will upload another news post when I have confirmation that everything works properly. Until then, I cannot promise that the files found here on ModDB will work properly.


Quick edit: I have (I think) fixed all of the issues with the story, and will be uploading the fully repaired version as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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