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I had an issue that I think I fixed for my mod, although some testing still needs to be done. Here is the patch for the next version : PS : For the characters, most are from the Vikings and The Last Kingdom series, but a few are from other universes (like Eivor and Randvi who come from assasin's creed valhalla), others are historical characters who are not not in the series and some were invented by myself.

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Vikings Storm 0.1.9 patch note:

- Change from version 1.5.9 to version 1.6.0.

- Corrected save loading error.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Complete overhaul of the faction of Sturgia in faction of Norway :

1) Clans (includes names and banners) and Lords (includes names, faces, skills, equipment, their descriptions and family ties) :

a) Norway "Lothbrok" clan :
- Sigurd The Old (dead).
- Alfhild (dead).
- King Ragnar.
- Queen Aslaug.
- Rollo.
- Ubbe.
- Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye (not finished).
- Hvitserk.
- Ivar.
- Valla (not finished).

b) Norway "Chancla" clan:
- Olek (dead).
- Varra (dead).
- Sigvard (dead).
- Jarl Lagertha.
- Jarl Kalf.
- Bjorn.
- Gunnhild.
- Hali.

c) Norway "Thorvald" clan:
- Jarl Thorstein.
- Aude.
- Olaf.
- Thurid.
- Thordein.

d) Norway "Gautar" clan:
- Jarl Gudstein (dead).
- Fredhild (dead).
- Jarl Borg.
- Haarik.
- Torvi.
- Guthrum.
- Eivor.
- Randvi.

e) Norway "hárfagri" clan:
- Jarl Horik
- Gunnhild
- Erlendur
- Knuthild
- Ari
- Olrun

f) Norway "Hastain" clan:

- Yarl Haraldson
- Siggy
- Jarl Bjarni
- Thyri
- Svedorn
- Lydvor

g) Norway "auga" clan:
- Jarl Arne
- Floki
- Helga
- Tanaruz
- Angrboda

h) Norway "Ulfr" clan:
- Jarl Kjartan
- Fiske
- Sven

i) Norway "gimsteinn" clan:
- King Harald Fairhair
- Halfdan
- Ellisif
- Eric Bloodaxe

2) Castles, towns and their villages which will be in parenthesis (for the moment I have only changed their names to make them more historically and geographically relevant, which will make sense when the world map of england will be added) :

a) Bolton Castle (Feetham, West Witton).

b) Richmond Caste (Colburn, Forin).

c) Malton Caste (Amotherby, Rillington).

d) Driffield Castle (Nafferton, Lockington).

e) Whitley Castle (Alston, Slaggyford).

f) Sneaton Caste (Sneaton, Ellerby).

g) Middleham Caste (Leyburn, East Witton).

h) Scarborough Caste (Scarborough, Burniston).

i) Corbridge (Hexam, Dotland).

j) Eoferwic (Escrick, Strensall).

k) Inderawuda (Woodmansey, Leconfield).

l) Inhrypum (Easingwold, Bedale)

f) Sunderland (Seaham, Whitburn)

g) Dunholm (Lanchester, Bowburn)

h) Northallerton (Warlaby, Boltby).

3) the troops tree (I changed their names and their equipment, but all the equipment used is part of the base game. I only made the main tree of the Norwegian troops, the rest will come in the next update. ) :

- Added a new main menu with remastered music from Vikings (I didn't do it and unfortunately I can't find it anymore so I couldn't give the youtube link: /).

- I also added two songs from the "vikings" series and it works.I'm always looking for 3d artists to make custom gear and xML coders to help me because it's a lot of work (XML code is very easy to learn even if you never have video game development).

Please feel free to give your opinion in the comments if you like or dislike things. It is possible that I forgot things ^^.

You can also join the mod discord ( to be notified with each release or give your opinion so that I improve my mod ^^

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