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Applies to Incognito Episode 1 - 2 - 3 which fixes some of the preliminary bugs founds with the release last week (thank you all for feedback!). Run your Configurator to auto-update or download a fresh copy from IndieDB or our site.

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Incognito Episodes 3.2
Applies to Episode 1 - 2 - 3 from 3.0 or 3.1

  • Fixed problem when activating on OSX/Linux (socket permission error).
  • Fixed problem with changing resolutions in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed a potential freeze on startup if fullscreen and running x64.
  • Removed System.Data.SQLite replaced with fully managed C#-SQLite (AnyCPU).
  • Detects conversations stored as byte[] (SQLite Style), EP2/3 store these as string under C#-SQLite.
  • Fixed SQL calls in planet finder and planet viewer to work with new C#-SQLite implementation.
  • Attached weapon sounds (ex. flamethrower) pause while controlling or driving objects.
  • Icons for interactive/driveable objects were not displaying correctly.
  • Lowered health for prisoners in riot sequence to make it easier.
  • Increased operative railgun dispersion angle from 20 to 42. Pew pew.
  • Control panel in operations deck (ep3) could become locked in bad state preventing exit.
  • Less cigs in random drops which increases chance for other things like ammo and health.
  • Made entrance to Recreational sector (ep3) spawn fewer enemies.
  • Players can now reload and walk. It was nothing personal! Jeez @.@
  • During riot sequence (if you die/reload) could accidently trigger cutscene for another quest.
  • Trashcans (ep3) now have random useful items like popcan, sandvich and useless items like circuitboard.
  • Fixed spawn issue (ep3) where enemies would spawn in same room when opening door, or in empty/closed off rooms.
  • Player used to taunt statement with falling debris (ep3), this has been removed.
  • In certain situations bare hands and knife weapons could constantly give 'low ammo' warning even though bullet expense is 0.
  • Trading windows now allow you to press 'Activate/Use' key to exit them (same way to open them).
  • Changed Mara Veermara (ep1/2) to say "Dock Ship" rather than default "Send Probe".
  • Could use health items even if they were not currently needed.
  • Bug reporting tool could potentially timeout/disconnect and leave 'please wait' dialog stuck on-screen.
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