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Some news.First some help about the patch,then the allied mission list.

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Now its time for new news.

Patch:Please read

I see some people have trouble to install the patch.To patch the game you first have to install the demo,then copy all files from the patch over the beta.If you only install the patch,the game send you an error message.

Tasks of the allied missions.

The Saboteur:

In this mission you play a saboteur from the French Resistance,your task is to destroy the German railways to stop there supplier to the front.

Point Du Hoc:

The day who made history,D-Day.Your rangers have to destroy the heavy coast artillery who is able to shoot into the landing zone.The fight will be hard.

The Convoy:Your task is to create a bridgehead behind the beach and hold it until our units arrive,we awaiting heavy German tanks.

The Bunker(not sure)After heavy coast fire the German destroyed our Ship,some soldiers survived and looking for a radio station,but they find a big German bunker.

S.O.S:One of your glider crushed in a big forest,Now they fight for they life.
I hope they survive.

Street fight:After the successful rescue our soldiers from the forest,we have to take the city now.
Your task is to destroy the flaks and secure the bridge.

Europe:France is near we have to break trough the German defenses,they heave few soldiers but heavy tanks and artillery.We are the last hope for Europe.

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Ah, Point Du Hoc! Th mission we've all been waiting for!

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