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Here I will describe all major changes in the next patch. Might be updated over time.

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............added the sith frigate................
4 point defence lasercannons, 2 heavy anti ship LC, 4 broadside solid-shot cannons, 2 ion cannons.
good for taking out ships like the hammerhead and praetorian. A support ship not able to stand its own in thick fighting. Medium shields and medium armor. Fast and agile, a good first *quick* strike vehicle. Cost: 3500 for balance, might be increased later on.

Leviathan cost (along with the heroes having a leviathan flagship) increased.
Now the Leviathans light turbolasers shoot just 3 shots, but they are dual red TL shots and have double damage, so none of the original damage output has been lost. The hammerhead has the same thing, I might change some other HPs to this.

Centurion now changed 4 HTL into 4 Octuple heavy turbolaser batteries, that means that 8 HTL shots will be shot at the same time, but with (ofcourse) only one shot per 4/6 seconds.
Original is 6 shots of each 40 damage, now one shot with 320 damage (yes, this will destroy any hardpoint pretty much instantly, exept HTL and maybe something with extreme armor).

Preatorian cost increased and added 2 heavy antiship laser cannons and 2 point defence LC.
Hammerhead cost slighly increased and heavyer armor.
Hammerhead slightly stronger shields. Talking about shields, all shields from the foray up, have stronger shields, representing their class. praetorian has 1500 shield points. hammerhead 2500, paladin 5500 and inexpugnable 20000. Sith frigate 2500 shield points, leviathan 3300, sith destroyer 5000 and centurion 10000, the centurion cost increased to 7800 with a max of 2 per player.

Derriphan is now a real asshole to take out, with extreme armor where even 5 hammerheads have trouble taking out in a decent timespan. Max of 3 derriphans on the field or per player.

New particle effects. New laser effects. Mando's are not done, so they wont be (yet, they're comming) playable. One new battle music. What more...mmm...can't think of anything else.
I wont change the descriptions to just try out every ship again, then you'll get the best picture of the balance. Let me state one thing that might confuse you.

The Foray is anti capital. No it's not going to destroy a sith destroyer on its own, but in groups of 5, it's a real pain. The hammerhead is more anti frigate. in groups of 2 it can take on a sith military frigate. Groups of 3 or 4 a leviathan. The praetorian anti fighter/bomber/corvette with 4 point defence lasers and 4 heavy anti ship lasers. has a tractor beam for trapping the fast sith corvettes. Adviced to use 2 on one corvette for it can take a long time to finish one corvette. And the patrol corvette anti fighter/bomber with 6 point defence lasers.
Thats all for now I guess. Might update this but I'll place it under:

Edit: Now the Hammerhead has a hanger spawning 2 aurek squadrons with 1 on reserve, now you can kick the sith's ass when playing republic, I just tested it and it is (finally) balanced.
Now it's posible to win as the republic, check the screenies for convormation.
The praetorians point defence lasers can now shoot at anything. This will increase its effectiveness against corvettes and posibly frigates.
The hammerhead now costs 2000 and the praetorian 2300. Yes, I know the hammerhead is more a warship than the praetorian but the hammerhead is more anti corvette, frigate while the praetorian is more anti figther, bomber, corvette. And because the sith use a lot of those last 3, I uppend the cost a little. It's for balance. Some of you will find this strange, but trust me, it doesn't work the other way around.

Edit: And I modded the whole idea yet *again*. patrol corvette light anti fighter, 6 point defence lasers. Praetorian heavy anti fighter, 8 point defence, 2 (or 4, depents on the testing and balance) heavy anti ship lasers. Hammerhead anti frigate, replaced point defence lasers with heavy anti ship lasers. Foray only after starbase level 3 or 4. Anti capital with 6 light turbo lasers and 2 point defence lasers. Remember these because you can't put a foray against a fighter swarm or a praetorian against a leviathan.

Edit: Now you can't anymore use the swift gunboat as a giant shotgun. only able to shoot at fighters and bombers now. The raider variant is still anti all. health and shields increased, and the cost now: 4500 at a level 4 starbase.
Derriphan now only 6 hardpoints, 2 conclussion missles, 2 point defence lasers and 2 heavy lasercannons. Not much but each are extremly hard to destroy.

Edit: There is a strategy bases system now, specific ships peform well against a specific type of ship. The sith frigate for instence is a corvette hunter, with a tractor beam, 2 ion Cs, 4 SSCs and 6 HASLCs. Seems like it's also good agianst larger vessels, well not. 2 can engage a hammerhead and one will possibly survive, but it is not recommended. Now for anti frigate duty the sith have the liviathan. Anti capital is the sith destroyer and centurion. Anti fighter bomber the swift gunboat and sith gunship, but the last is more a combo of anti fighter bomber corvette.

Edit: the Centurion btw is a mix of anti everything. Guns to take out corvettes, frigates and capitals. But for anti fighter bomber it needs its sith fighters and bombers. Btw those bombers are also anti fighter. it has rapid recharge lasercannons.

Mandolorians almost finished!!!!!!!!!!
New menu battle, the battle for MALACHOR V!!!!!!!!!!
I am streching the patch so that it will contain the playable mandolorians!!!!!!!!!

Plus this: I am not very happy to say that I can't get any new space backgrounds yet. Not from alliance, not from other games. If you have skil at making nebulae, (Yes, burnstrobe and other artist may now feel spoken to) Please contact me because I really want new nebulae and I can't do it myself. And I found a icon for the launcher :). And I am not doing the starbases hardpoints because I am waiting for something. No, I'm not going to tell what but I am not yet overhauling the hardpoints. That's all you need to know. And I have some new music. And voice-overs.

So good day, Geroenimo.

buddahxx - - 81 comments

love it tho 1 critisism the new laser effect from looking at the most recent pics it looks like u went back to that ball at 1 end shape laser like they have in the original game, i know its a small thing but those allways bother me in starwars games i prefer the way u had it b4 but like i said its small. other than that love it cant wait for mandos and GC :)

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo - - 6,765 comments

TheLordRahl 42mins 8secs ago says:
good mod so far, keep it going, just wish I didnt have to turn off the music when I play it, I dont expect to have to listen red hots when Im playing a star wars game, not to mention it just increases the filesize and you could have legal action taken against you as you are distributing copyrighted materials. If you want to listen to your music playing a game then fine but why add it to a star wars mod when you can have the music playing in another program? Other than that the mod is looking good.

First, I do not (I think) use music that is illigal in any way, shape or form. If it is...well who cares? Lol, even if some jerk calls the police for doing so, chance is 5000 to one that they do nothing. Pluss I see no reason to suspect that someone would be lame enough to do that. I mean that would be like...mmm...reporting a mad-cow investation because 3 cows don't want to pie inside the barn. I must say that setting the music down isn't a very good idea to have a great playing time in my mind. Even with that rock music (that is already taken out).

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