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The Witcher 3 just got updated to version 1.10! And guess what? It's unofficial launcher too.

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And this probably is the mother of all patches:
600+ fixes, various unnamed improvements and a size of about 15GB
Have a look at the changelog here.

Surprisingly this big patch did only require a few minor adjustments to the launcher, but I still haven't been lazy the past months although I've kept silence for most of the time.
I switched the whole internal file read and write system to a way more powerful library than before, which most of you won't even notice, but it's there.
But more importantly I incorporated the profiling function into the stable release of the launcher. The system I am using seems stable enough - none of the beta testers were able to break it which is a very good sign.

And I'm going to tell you another thing: The mod manager is coming along nicely as well. It's too early to talk about this in detail, but there will be a beta coming soon™.

And I'm still not done. I couldn't help myself, but to redo the main window once more, and this time I'm satisfied with it's looks. It is very close to it's predecessors but unique enough to be a new one.

But this should be the part which interests you most.

You can download version 1.10 of the launcher here:


Just make sure you follow the installation instructions.

If you were part of the profiling beta make sure to use this update and follow the installation instructions to the point, otherwise you'll probably loose your savegames:

Profiling Beta to 1.10

This should be about it. So instead of rambling on I'll go back to work...

Until then, have fun!

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