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Great changes (considering this mod size) were made to this mod, better flight ai and more realism in the fleet organization, etc...

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Changes made:
-A disorganized fleet (no formations set) will have an increased friendlyfire risk.
-The bomber is less maneuverable so it will be more weak against anti-fighter weaponry.
-The taidan's heavy corvette has now 4 small ioncannons instead of energycannons.
-The light corvettes and the kushan heavycorvette are now faster.
-Hyperspace is now faster for all ships and cheaper for the mothership...
-ioncannon ships will now prefer the bigger ships as targets to the smaller ones...
-Assault frigates are now more maneuverable.
-bombers are slower so interceptors and scouts will intercept them easier...

_Formations how do they affect the efficiency of ships_
Sphere-ships a little slower, great maneuverability loss, increased firebursttime and increased firewaittime , and less friendlyfire
Broad-Less friendly fire
Delta-A little attack boost and better attacking organisation
Claw-more efficiency in first contact but a loss in maneuverability and attack rate in second contacts (good for hit and runs)
X-No major changes unless the almost 0% chance of friendly fire and the little increase in collision evasion efficiency (small X groups (5-9 fighters) ideal for long battles against a balanced fleet)

_Tactics how do they affect ships_
Evasive- increase in speed and acceleration but decrease in firepower
Neutral- the word says it all
Aggressive- more fire rate and more fire power decreased maneuverability and more friendly fire risk (friendly fire occurs mostly on fighters)

How to install:
Just copy and paste to game directory and replace all still need the first version installed to try this one .

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