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After the release of Untamed: Life of a Cougar on steam, I've been hard at work trying to fix various issues that have been reported by the community. The Patch 1.1 brings a lot of fixes and improvements to ensure for a smooth gaming experience.

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After receiving more feedback from the community, a second patch is now available. This patch fixes some gameplay issues, especially the ones that arose from the update 1.0.
The major issues that were fixed are;

Overshooting a Target when attacking (Attack Mode)

Previously when attacking using the target mode, the cougar has the tendency to pounce away from the target. This issue has been fixed (there are still a lot of improvements to be added to the attacking and target mode).

Remove Strafing/Dodging from normal mode

The strafing/dodge function has been removed from the player mode, I removed it because it was unnecessary in hunting, and strafing is needed mainly while fighting.
So no more strafing in normal mode.

Eagle Screech

The screeching sound of the eagle has been tweaked, it is now a bit softer on the ears.

Easy Mode Balancing

After getting complaints that the game is hard even in easy mode, I tweaked the cougars damage a bit. You don't die as fast as before so basically it is a bit easier.
I'll like to know the opinion of the community on this modification.

Save/Load Button in the Pause Menu

A bug was discovered that hid the save and load buttons in the pause menu. If you quit the tutorial and load the game directly from the menu, this problem will occur. This has been fixed.
I've gotten reports of the disappearance of the save button. I'll look into this and try my best to recreate the problem so that it can be solved.

Giant Arrows (Pointers)

There was a review where a user complained about the arrows. The issue has been fixed. I'll also like to use this opportunity to ask players to please send reports such as this to the discussions thread where it will be dealt with immediately rather than putting it in as a negative review, because with new updates, the bad review doesn't change and other potential players will still think these issues are there.
But nonetheless, your thoughts and feedback are highly valued and I'll love to hear them.

Mate spawning at the wrong time

After the update 1.0 , I got reports that the mates where spawning even after having cubs. I was finally able to recreate the problem, and I'm happy to inform you that it has
been fixed.

Mission Den Icon not showing up on the Map

The issue of the blue arrow icon not showing up on the map has been fixed.

Mechanism for Choosing the Mission den

With the scale of the map, and the distance between the dens, players often find it too daunting to go to the randomly chosen den. I've changed the mechanism so that a player does not get a den at the opposite end of the map, and the distance of the mission den will be at a convenient distance, while still remaining challenging for players.

Bug in the Hints

The hint (text at the bottom of the screen) had a bug that always reminded players to feed their cubs. This has been fixed. Now as soon as the cubs are fed, the hint
will go away.

hunting deer2

Other background fixes have been made to the game. The next update will bring a lot of graphical changes especially the map. After the next update 1.2, I'll begin work on
the major update (currently the Choice 1 is ahead).

Please If you notice any bug, or any feature that you don't like, don't hesitate to let me know by posting it in the Bug Report/Review Page or sending a mail to .
For everyone who has supported me so far I'll like to say a big thank you. I'll be working hard to make sure Untamed: Life of a Cougar lives up to its potential.

You can get the game HERE

Have fun and Happy Hunting,
Eugene Onuoha,
Developer, OCCA Studios

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