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Patch 1.08 made my Miraak to create a full new Balance based on Rotwk more realistic balance style, this is made for players that want to try Bfme1 experience with a more realistic balance.

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Patch 1.06 required, French and English supported


  • General and complete rebalance of the game, everything got new fresh stats
  • Random is now revealed
  • Leadership have been standarized and nerfed to +25% Damage and/or Armor from +50/60...%
  • Spells have been standarized and nerfed to +30% Damage and/or Armor from +50/60...%
  • Buffs (Spells and Leadership) no longer affect Monsters or Siege engines
  • General movement speed increased
  • Loosing units with evil factions no longer grant you PP (no longer needed for the new balance)
  • Hordes are now bigger (like it was originally intented by EA):
    Base Units now 10 per Horde from 5 for Good and 10 for Isengard
    Mordor Warrior and Archer now 15 per Horde from 10
    Cavalry and Elite Archers stay 5 per Horde
  • Power points have been standarized to 1pp/4pp/8pp/16pp
  • Combo Hordes can now be split (Currently disabled because it caused problems)
  • Aragorn moved to Gondor from Rohan (for balance but also because originally intented like that)
  • Witch-King now on foot
  • Berserker can now level up and can no longer be buffed
  • AOD can no longer be buffed
  • Saruman get a new special power at level 10: Thunderbolt
  • All Heroes start at level 1
  • Grond enabled (limited to 1)
  • Battle Tower/Keep can now be garrisoned
  • Rohan Battle Tower enabled
  • Isengard Battle Tower added to Mordor
  • Isengard and Mordor Castle now have defensive fences
  • Isengard and Rohan Armory now need to level up
  • Mordor now have Forged Blades and Heavy Armor
  • Mordor and Isengard can now also build a Furnace on Settlements
  • Slaughter Houses, Farms and Furnaces from Settlements now give more money
  • All camps and castles Citadels shoot arrows and must be repaired manually
  • Devastation now provide a speed debuff
  • Fuel the Fires is now castable and reduces cost of Infantry


  • Game back at 30fps from 38
  • Intros reenabled (If you want to disable some of them, rename/delete their files in the Data\Movie folder)
  • Removed 1.06 splash
  • Gondor Archers broken animations were fixed
  • Heroes now have emotions
  • New FXs
  • New random visuals for multiple units
  • Added Haradrim/Rhun combo
  • Devastation for Mordor replaced with Summon Haradrim Archers
  • Gandalf the White for Gondor replaced with Rebuild (Gandalf become white at level 5)
  • Rallying Call added for Gondor and Rohan in place of Elven Allies for Gondor and Anduril for Rohan (Aragorn get the bonus at level 5)
  • Enabled Rohirrim Archers/Peasant combo
  • Intended but unused art (button, texture...) are now correctly used (some exemples below)
  • Added new colors
  • Starting units are disabled
  • Tons of diverse Bugfixes
  • Fortresses maps (currently only Helm's Deep)


  • Horses have more random colors (black and white enabled)
  • Enabled 2 new random skins for Orcs warriors
  • New Ent variant: Ent Oak
  • Fellbeast and Eagle now crash on the battlefield instead of exploding
  • Restored original Effects/FX for Arrows and Siege Rocks
  • Restored uniques powers for the Witch-King on foot
  • Gondor Soldiers now use their original animations
  • Orc Warriors now play more animations
  • Orc Archers now play more animations
  • Heroes now use their respawn icons
  • Heroes now use their uniques leadership icons
  • Mumakil now rampage
  • Berserker get an attack and speed boost when they get on low health
  • Uruk Crossbowmen now use their intended textures
  • Enabled tons of unused sounds, FXs and anims
  • Enabled Sam Frying Pan ability
  • Enabled Gimli Dwarven Grudge ability
  • Enabled Boromir Last Stand ability
  • Enabled Lurtz Stealth ability
  • Rohirrim at level 2 now have a chance to become riderless when "dying" and can be replenished at a Stable
  • Restored the original more detailed Rohan Archer model you can see in cinematics, texture made by ROR
  • Restored the original Uruk Hai models based on the older cinematics
  • Restored Gothmog for Mordor and Grima for Isengard as originally planned by EA but left unfinished
  • Improved Campaign (not currently complete)


  • ROR for his Rohan Archer Texture
  • NDC for BFME2 Animations Conversion, that were used to complement some sets

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