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This new patch is mostly a "part one" of several new changes, and I'm not done yet, I still have many things to accomplish in the next patch, and after that comes a major overhaul with the beginning of adding a subplot and new locations, that is if I can get all that accomplished.

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There are a number of things right now that I'm in the middle of working on, that I have to write scripts for. However I do have existing scripts that I can adapt towards accomplishing my goals. I just need time, and possibly some help, since although I can edit LUA, I have little experience when it comes to actually writing something in it.

Ak variants 3 AK-74 family variations.

The two things I'm occupied with now is implementing information obtained from flash drives, and creating a specific script architecture that utilizes the NV scope capability that is now already in the mod, both of these require extensive modification of scripts. A few people on the GSC forums have helped me with this, namely, ddraig, and Meltac.

One of the features that I have planned that I didn't mention in the upcoming features on the new patch download page, is that I am planning to have certain anomalies disable electronics, Namely the artifact and anomaly detectors themselves, the actor's flashlight, and night vision capability, and possibly even the PDA if the engine permits it. This is only supposed to happen if you stand right next to an anomaly too long, so it would be best to find your artifacts quickly, and not hang out around these anomalies.

Other anomalies can simply jam the news system (springboard) and cause radio silence.

Of course, this part requires quite a bit of skill in programming, (much more so than I possess,) so it is something that is completely off the table for now.

Nevertheless, since the patch is out I can get to working on a very pivotal followup patch that fleshes out a number of new features, so, stay tuned.


Cheers, thanks for all the good work.

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