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Patch Notes for our Open Alpha Patch 0.8.1 build. It focuses on the performance improvement of the game, as well as on adding some features, on character balancing and on some small improvements in all our maps.

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Welcome again, survivors!

We are ready to introduce the new Open Alpha Patch 0.8.1. We have been working on the performance of the game, as well as on adding some features, on character balancing and on some small improvements in all our maps.

The changes in this new build include:

New features:

  • Video options menu
  • Added texture streaming to improve loading performance

Character balancing:

  • Khärn: He needed a minor tweak to its basic attacks as the combination of multiple Khärns in the Last Team Standing” game mode was too powerful. The damage reduction was compensated with an improvement of his Dash Attacks, that are now more effective. We are aware that this may affect duels more than we intended, will keep tracking match results and improve it over the coming builds.
    • Basic Attacks damages reduced to 55/55/75 from 60/60/75
    • First Basic Attack Impact changed to Medium from Hard
    • Basic Dash Attack damage reduced to 50 from 55
    • Specialized Dash Attack damage reduced to 55 from 60
    • Solved a problem that made the Dash Attack not to connect with the enemy
  • Shinse: We detected a systematic usage of the Sprint Attack that wasn't giving much window to counterplay to other players. To strengthen her high risk - high reward mechanics we want to move that focus back to her basic and specialized attacks. Most changes influence the penalization caused by impacts, allowing for a more combo focused attacks instead of getting in and out. Given her high skill cap we will be having a look at her performance.
    • Sprint Attack Damage reduced to 65 from 75
    • Basic Attack Damages adjusted to 50/50/60 from 55/45/60
    • Specialized Attacks Impact improved to Medium from Light
  • Tamvaasa: We wanted the Vilkai Song to be more interesting making it harder to use in team based game modes and giving some reaction time when playing duels.
    • Activation of Vilkai Song is now delayed by 66ms
    • Time between cooldown consumption and actual effect activation has been increased giving more time for enemies to stop the skill before activation
  • Overall / Game Mode
    • Added Specific Balance modifications for Game Mode Duel: Heals/Regenerations halved in terms of effectivity

Maps and textures performance improvements:

  • “Gäo-Di - Temple of the Zem”
  • “Kilma - Blüt at the Lava Coliseum”
  • “Jaarvi - The Circle of Axes”
  • “Coliseum Tutorial”
  • General textures


  • Social: Improved the reception of friend requests
  • Social: when joining in a match, sometimes you could see the conversation written in party chat in the in-game one
  • Social: fixed the fact that you couldn’t invite a player which is already playing to a party
  • Account: fixed crash while loading session
  • Account: fixed problems with parties while changing the region
  • Menu: fixed a visual glitch where some character parts were not completely loaded
  • Glyph system wasn’t being updated when changing bindings
  • HUD skills when changing bindings of special skills to some key on numeric keyboard

See you on the battlefield,

The Skara Team

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