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Update 007 Topics *Dino baby logic & integration *Graphics FX improvements *Achelousaurus is the big winner! (chicken dinner?) *Donation system! *Bonus: Privacy Heat Map extensions

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Hello Parkasaurus Warriors™! Sorry this is a few days late, blame Google and their faulty calendar. (I should be careful they hear everything). LET’S DO THIS. Here is your Parkasaurus Update #007 : Potpourri

Alpha Version 3 current milestone!

There is still a major focus on the core loop of Parkasaurus, this is really our #1 priority. In addition though, we’ve started to do a graphics improvement pass that is Early Access suitable (eek) – although Alpha 3 is still the current target. With all that said there are lots of interesting updates to choose from this week.

Update 007 Topics

  • Dino baby logic & integration
  • Graphics FX improvements
  • Achelousaurus is the big winner! (chicken dinner?)
  • Donation system!
  • Bonus: Privacy Heat Map extensions

Dino baby logic & integration

Last time we chatted you found out that we are indeed having Dino babies ready for Early Access. Since then we’ve created new baby models, figured out all the code bits so they grow over time into awesome adults, and implemented their baby brain logic. Here is a little Steg Baby hanging out with mom.

Baby Locomotion

Graphics FX improvements

We really want Parkasaurus to have a unique look – so there is an extra graphics pass being done on exhibit tiles and paths. In the picture you see the tiles sand, grass and mud. Each of these tiles forms the start of your exhibit design. Your tile type dictates what sort of biomes you can build into – but that really depends on your design choices. The tiles when placed down procedurally create what you’re seeing.

New Tiles FX Pass

Achelousaurus is the big winner!

Achelousaurus was chosen as the winner from our most recent poll on Discord. Now the poll is deciding what Sauropod we should put in next.

Achelousaurus Discord Winner

Donation system

We're experimenting with a new system that represents a guests donation potential with money bubbles above their head. As the guest builds up donation from seeing happy Dinos, bubbles appear representing the amount of donation, from 1 to 5. Happier Dinos means more money bubbles. The donation amount will dissipate over time until they reach donation boxes that are strategically place by the player.

Donation System Overhaul

Privacy Heat Map extensions

More work on the privacy heat-map; adding vegetation toggle and implemented paths near the edge of exhibits reduce privacy. Exhibit shape and path placement is important!

Privacy Updates

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Disclaimer: Any crazy features we write about might change by the Early Access version

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Nice. It kind of remind me of the classic Tycoon series, but with a nice dinosaur twist. The art look is also awesome. Keep up the good work :)

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