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I've been trying to implement many new things into Awake - Lost Faith, such as a custom menu screen, dynamic water etc. Some worked, some didn't. However, one thing that I haven't given up upon is parallax mapping.

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Shaders for this are readily available for the Episode 1 engine, however, it seems rather difficult to find one which works on the source 2007 engine. Thankfully, I found one. This worked for a while, until my system locked up (not the shader's fault, I just did something stupid).

So I reinstalled the shader, and then ran "buildsdkshaders.bat", but the shader still shows up as wireframe, with the console saying that it can't find the shader. I've even changed the fields in the "buildsdkshaders.bat" to match up to the mod, but to no avail. It simply doesn't recognise the shader. How can it recognise a shader before and then not recognise it after?

I'm turning to you guys. Do you have any ideas?

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