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Exciting news for FPS realism fans; P3i has just released a version 1.42 Demo of their Action Realism Shooter New World Order. What's so exciting about this is that New World Order is the most advanced engine FPS realism fans can get their hands on, with a slew of fantastic render features like

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Exciting news for FPS realism fans; P3i has just released a version 1.42 Demo of their Action Realism Shooter New World Order.

What's so exciting about this is that New World Order is the most advanced engine FPS realism fans can get their hands on, with a slew of fantastic render features like full per-Pixel real time lighting and shadowing, real time true bump-mapping, sophisticated 3D positional HTRF audio, inverse kinematics, and proprietary dynamic visibility render technology that renders only visible geometry permitting NWO to run many of its next generation render features on older hardware with capable performance.

The 1.42 "Demo" is virtually a complete game that will let you play multi-player and single-player games across two of the most popular NWO Level Designs, two new freelance levels designs, and you can join any NWO server, Demo or Retail when maps you have are in the rotation.

The best news of all though is that Drunken Duck Studios will be releasing our new Drunken Duck Studios Mod For NWO this weekend to add even more candy and variety to the NWO experience -- and the Drunken Studios Duck Mod runs on all versions of NWO including the new 1.42 Demo!

Restaurant Level Sweden Level: Loading Out Restaurant Level: Loading Out

If you like fast action realism, and enjoy games like Counter Strike, True Combat, or Strike Force you'll want to check out the NWO 1.42 Demo. If you've previously tried NWO and were unable to run the game give 1.42 a toot, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

And stay tuned because this weekend all NWO Fans whether you play on the retail game or demo will be able to download and try the Drunken Duck Mod right here on ModDB!


CoffeeHedake - - 9 comments

It's not a bad game... I noticed a lot of spelling and grammar issues with the mission briefings and such. However, the demo has crashed at least twice since I downloaded it, and I find the AI to be completely retarted, not using that as an insult, I'm saying that the enemies actually seem retarted, other than flopping around or drooling, they are very, very, unintelligent. I will say that the technology used to render the the game is quite nice, although there are some bugs with the shadows. I'm running the demo on an AthlonXP 3000+ with 512MB of 200MHz Samsung DDR, and a GeForceFX 5900 Ultra, and there are almost always problems with the shadows with all of the settings turned all the way up at 1600x1200@32b.

My $0.02

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Longbow - - 19 comments

I'm just curious why exactly you folks chose to mod New World Order, as reviews were universally abysmal and the game was reportedly a boxed edition of the producer's crap. Computer Gaming World said that it would have gotten its first 0-star rating (in 20 years(!)) were it not for Postal 2. Thoughts?

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hoak Author
hoak - - 20 comments

Perhaps if your remarks were more informed and honest I'd indulge you with a more complete answer; summarily the reviews of NWO are far from "universally abysmal". And while I concede game-play wise NWO has little new to offer -- artistically and technically the game rides on a state of the art engine that offers incredible render performance to feature rendered capability on mainstream hardware, and and is an artistic tour de force that is the match or better of anything you can buy.

If you'd bothered to read our mod page your question as to why we chose to mod New World Order would be clearly answered... But for those that read snide little snippets like this and are swayed; were the promised SDK released I'm confident we would have been able to offer a state of the art tactical realism game that would have easily surpassed games like Raven Shield, America's Army, Global Operations and Operation Flaspoint in quality of game design, art, immersiveness, and realistic features. As things are P3i dropped the ball and no SDK has been released. Some of us were toying around with NWO's modable assets and decided to release a mod that was appropriate to the current game's theme and design that offered fans of the game and it's genera high quality alternatives and improvements to some of the game's default assets.

Cynics and Trolls need not apply or try.


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CoffeeHedake - - 9 comments

I wasn't trying to be cynical, nor flame-ical (not that that's a word) with my post... just speaking my mind. I _did_ find some things I liked about the engine itself... and some things I didn't particularly like, and I didn't even post many of them.

You have to admit, there are a number of problems with the core game... and many of the problems you and your team ran into arose from the inhability of the design team to release the necessary tools and utilities necessary to mod the game to any extent. It's the modder's responsibility to choose their source engine with care, taking all of the above items into consideration. I believe that's what Longbow was trying to say... just not as nicely. I'd like to see you guys mod out a more mod-community supported engine... there's plenty of them out there... UT2003, HL, (hopefully) HL2, Quake3... just gotta take your pick.

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Guest - - 699,177 comments

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BlueWolf72 - - 812 comments

Play his mod and rate it on his profile. Anymore bashing = ban. Tell him what to improve dont diss!

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NeoGeniX - - 11 comments

heh hoak is a friend of mine I was just kidding :P

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