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All oversurrections are made, except the last two: Cybot Launcher and Ultima Protos.

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5 videos were just posted on the remaining "regular" weapons oversurrections: Freezer, Vulcan, The Miner, MultiMissile Launcher and I.R.P.R.

This leaves 2 last oversurrections to do: Cybot Launcher and Ultima Protos.
And after these are done, I will be finally able to speed up the final release, as after the last 2 oversurrections are finished, all there is left to do are the implementation of a few minor features and some further tweaks and bug fixing.

These oversurrections are the culprits for delaying the final release so much, but hopefully the wait will be over soon.
I have to remind though that some weapons won't have any oversurrection, and those are: MegaTon, Nuclear Launcher, Super Bolt Rifle and Ionizer, reasons being that I want to finish the pack ASAP (before the end of the year) and they're super weapons already, and the only exceptions for that rule are the last 2 I am about to make.

Jerkakame - - 818 comments

Extremly amazing, my jaw drops to incredible depths when I watch the oversurrection videos.

Sad that megaton and ionizer not gonna get one, I was hoping to see their over versions

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Rurik4 - - 40 comments

It's just awesome and breathtaking!
Can't wait to see the last 2

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EntityOmega - - 19 comments

I have to admit, I want to play this more than BF4. It's a bit stupid, but its great to see how it has grown, and this remains the game I grew up playing, and the one I remember the most, and to see mods like this still being made for it makes me happy. I just wish I was good at programming, because I would make a few terrible ones myself :P sadly it's not to be, tried and failed programming classes and online courses too many times.

Thank you for working on these mods for so long and putting in so much work Feralidragon!


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