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Overground is a fast paced motorised rollerblading game. Compete with up to 4 friends as you race through the town that's been converted into an Overgrounders haven. Take advantage of rail grinding, wall riding, grappling or boosting to get ahead of your foes, or use the numerous skills and power-ups at your disposable to bring them back down to ground. With only gravity as your limit, will you be King of the turf?

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OverGround was inspired by Jet Set Radio and Mario kart to bring you exciting races using fun roller blade mechanics and insane item powerups!



The game is available now!


Check out our trailer!

Please note that the game mainly has LAN support, and while there is online support, it is still in a beta stage. In options, unticking 'lan only' will attempt to connect to online servers. However should this fail forwarding the port 18008 on the player creating the session should solve it.

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