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Now we’re in business!

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We released the pre-release demo a couple of weeks ago which shows off the games core mechanics and graphics style, and we've had mostly positive feedback on it which is great! I can't say a massive amount of feedback but that wasn't really the purpose of the demo. We wanted to announce the game with a little trailer and a demo so gamers will see us as a developer who are getting things done and making progress rather than going on about promises. With so many indie games getting made it's becoming hard to stand out from the crowd. We hope that Overdosed can achieve this with the fast paced and frantic gameplay, although the roguelike mode should exchange a bit of the intensity for suspense and I am really looking forward to spicing up the gameplay! But right now I'm taking a break from development to focus on our business plan and the NEA submission date is this Friday so that's my primary focus now. Trying to forecast sales and things are tough because this industry is so dynamic, got to keep things realistic and I'll leave the big figures in my dreams for now. We'll see how good Overdosed turns out and also how well we do marketing first but I'm very confident that this game will get things off the ground for Lazy Games. A few stats on the demo: To date, this link has received 75 clicks and on IndieDB 89 clicks. So I can't say the exact number of downloads but I'm happy with those stats J Also we got on the community spotlight bit on this week's Unreal Engine livestream, check us out:

After I hand this business plan in I'll be off on holiday for a week doing a bit of skiing which should be a laugh! So provided I get my overconfident self back in one piece the show will go on at the end of feb.

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