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Dear Community,

A long time has passed since the last faction preview, well today I posted some screenshots of the Macedonians.
They are mainly W.I.P, but to show that the mod is not dead,
we are working on balance, scenes, and new banners.

also we have been working on 2 of the new factions,

Ilyria and Macedonia,

Ilyria is really still W.I.P they have no troops yet, just added some templates I can work with, also thier lords and ladies have been added,

Macedonia on the other hand is not far from being finished,

Thier lords are for about 70% done,
thier ladies about the same.

they have troops, cities and villages,
Properly in 3.0 Macedonia will not have new scenes yet.

But Gaul, and rome will. maybe brittons and germans as well.

The Companions will be done, for every companion a back ground story, and diffrent equipment.

anyway I hope to have informed you all well enough,

Remember, this mod will not die, but the development has been slow latley since we just have had some rest after 3 releases in a row.
I was off the play skyrim and the 2nd mod leader was playing some lord of the rings game :P

TheJokingFAnatic - - 102 comments

Glad to see you're alive and kicking.

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Horla - - 393 comments

Good work Dion !

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