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Welcome! So this is my new article about New Battle mod what will tell about overall changes.

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Overall changes

Overall changes image1

  1. Shellmap was changed
  2. Added a Juhziz(from Shockwave) and Fai(from Top_109_Missions mappack) challenges. Image 2" alt="" />Image 2" alt="" />

Some information about them: Juhziz challenge hasn’t got difference on different difficult levels (only timer of superweapon).

Fai challenge is unbalanced, so for some generals it will be impossible to complete it. It will be fixed in the further versions.

Overall changes image 2

Kassad now uses snipers in his challenge.

About AI:

It doesn’t use his new weapons(In challenge too)

It will be changed in further versions. My main aim now, is to add more new units, structures and so on.

Special thanks to:

Jordan for sharing M1A1 Tank model

AdrianeMapMaker, AGX750, Newgate, SkyMix and an Unknown Editor for shared code of Mammoth Tank.

SWR Studios (Shockwave code helped me in making NuclearTankHunter)

Wait for new versions.

Thanks for reading!

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