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What old has been replaced by whats new as of today's modding frenzy

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Welcome back Commander

Today I will be show casing some basic graphics changes that I feel make the game look nicer compared to the generic things westwood used.

So I bring you coloured smokes replacing the old Westwood style grey ones that were boring and uninspiring. here are some Screengrabs that show what I am talking about.
Chaos Drone bleeding? It now also explodes into a cloud of Chaos Gas but that's for later viewing :D
I feel overall these changes provide some nicer eye candy for the mod and just generally make it look more fun.

These are just a few examples of the progress made today a few others I will list quickly are new sounds imported from Tiberum Sun for building placement, Credit Tick up and down sounds and a few more that make the game more fun and immersion.

Thanks for today

Bleeding Chaosdrone Slave Miners Working

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