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Ok ! i saw in the comments that so many people are stucks , it surprised me because this is not so hard as the amnesia game. Well i need to write the solutions if I don't want to see people desinterested by the custom story . Here it is , just follow the description , and click on the "spoiler if you want to read it".

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::::::::::::Out Of Time solutions:::::::::::::::::::::::.....

-If you don't find the key in the first room , it's located in a chest of drawers in the right places , you'll see a long table and many chest of drawers , it's in one of them.

-If you don't find the teleportation device , it's located in a closet , try to find it , in the right places of the castle.

-The key of the Experimentation room is located in the cellar , precisely , on a shelf.

- At the machine room , try to place the teleportation device , in the right generator , you can see it , there is an empty mount which you can place your teleportation device.

-In the desert , to make the explosive , you need to find a solution jar which is located in a closet ; a recipient located in an iron maiden , and a poison gland located in a mushroom in a red organic room (throw something to break it). In the lab now , place the gland in the extractor , and place the recipient after. On the right , open the valve , and place the jar on it , to reheat the solution. Now combine the two solutions . Try to place it in front of the debris and throw the rock on it.

-If you don't find the Time regulator , you need to touch the artifact , and, on a base near the eagle you'll find it.

-Now place the Time regulator in the empty mount of the machine located in the left generator.

-In the snow place , if you don't find the key , it's located in a chest , you have to follow the lights .

-In the mansion , pick the bucket in the "kitchen" , the room where you hear whispers , fill it with water located in the cellar , and reheat it on a fireplace in the upstairs room.

-The key of the wine cellar is located in a chest of drawers , in the upstairs rooms.

- When you'll find the lever in the wine cellar , put it on the mount located in the room where it was written "the lever is missing" , where you can see a portrait of alexander .

-If you don't know what was opened , you just moved a library shelf , now check the library room to get the "second key hall". If you can't go to the door , it's because you don't have reheat your bucket.

-Return to the machine and pour the water on the left generator which is frozen , you can see it by the blue smoke.

-In the sewer you'll find the hammer after you'll passed the room flood.

-The key is placed on a shelf. There are stairs to go in this room.

-Pick the jar placed on a shelf after unlocked the door .

-Pick the oil with the jar located in a room which the doors are in circles , There is a puddle of oil on the table .

-Now Return to the machine , Put at first the oil and fix the generator with the hammer at last , if you don't know which generator is , you'll see some sparks in it.

-In the dimension map (You're small) , to destroy the field you need the Teleportation device , and a jar of blood. You'll see in a room , a big knife which is written "this knife can be useful" , touch it , you'll lose blood , pick the blood with your jar empty . Now in the second room the teleportation device is located on the shelf . Return to the machine , put the teleportation device in the empty mount in the right generator , and put your blood jar on the field. You'll teleport.

-In the world of nightmares, you'll find the first key in under one of the bed of cells.

-Touch the sewerduct water to teleport to the scary sewers. Pick the key in one of the iron maiden and unlock the upstairs door. Now pick the knife to teleport to the mansion.

-In the mansion , There is key on table on the second left door which open the second right door . In the second right room , the key is located under the piano , just open the piano and pick it. It'll open the desk of the first right door.

-In the room with many doors , try to find a door where a portal will open and teleport you to the next map.

-For the ending , you have three choices, try them :).

P.S: Sorry for my english.

:::::::::::Out Of Time solutions:::::::::::::::::::::....


Ever since the mansion mission i kinda found everything else by myself. but this is most def helpful if anyone was stuck to they point of giving up over it. +rep

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where the fak is the hammer :(

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