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During the overhaul of the game, I stumbled over characters that just dont feel right with the common LBZ rules

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Greezz at all!

As promised, one complete overhaul of the movesets is up and running. All chars have at least better versions of what they had before, some chars come with completely new movesets.

But during the overhaul, we realized that some characters just can not be played like common LBZ chars and feel right at the same time. And that is why we started an overhaul of the overhaul for a few chars who just do not work for me in their overhauled form.

* 19 & 20: They can not transform. They can not charge energy or power. In return, their melee sucks the opponents powerlevel dry in short time.

* Kakashi: The only ranged attacks he has are shuriken and kunais. In return, his close range jutsus have been buffed a lot - I expect taht ill have to nerf them soon, but lets test it first.

*Ichigo: Removed these ridicolous LBZ moves and gave him what he uses - ways to close the distance to the enemy, and of course several variations of his Getsugatensho.

Next in line are Superlem and Birdie the mighty - they really, really need it.

Oh, just by the way: the moves mechanics are already renewed, but the graphic overhaul will take some more time, so please dont mind if things look a bit weird at the moment, we are on it.

Share and enjoy!

P.S.: We could need help with our sounds. So if anyone wants to do the sounds for us (not the music), contact us.

Lulloser - - 160 comments

Nice, gonna look forward to it..

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DEADACC99 - - 166 comments

For the sound, just use the sfx from the anime.

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