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HELLO everybody robert123456 here and the clone wars to galactic civil war mod is back and also possibly going to release a european demo in march 2012 and a US demo soon after however i still need some honest hardworking modders ready to help and to show i am starting again here is a list of republic and seperatist ships that have been made

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delta 6 class jedi starfighter
delta 7 class jedi starfighter
V-19 torrent class clone starfighter
B15278 Y-wing class clone starfighter
ARC-170 heavy clone starfighter
LAAT class clone gunship
LAAT class clone dropship
republic consular class attack shuttle
republic consular class jedi shuttle
republic consular/supply class light frigate
republic medical/supply/evac class light frigate
republic escort class light cruiser
republic supply/escort class aclamator assault ship
republic heavy venator class attack cruiser
republic flagships:
endurance- mace windus heavy venator class attack cruiser
resolute- anikan skywalkers heavy venator class attack cruiser
negotiator- obi-wan kenobis heavy venator class attack cruiser
spirited- alya securas heavy venator class attack cruiser
hounds tooth- plo koons heavy venator class attack cruiser
herald- luminara undulis heavy venator class attack cruiser
peace keeper- aidi galias heavy venator class attack cruiser
wisdom- yodas heavy venator class attack cruiser
republic- chancellor palpatines personal heavy venator class attack cruiser

vulture class droid starfighter
heyena class droid starfighter
tri-class droid starfighter
spear class droid boarding craft
trident class droid assault craft
seperatist munnificent class medium frigate
seperatist recurscant class heavy destroyer
seperatist supply/escort class medium battleship
seperatist luhlherk class trade federation battleship
seperatist providence class dreadnought
seperatists flagships:
invincible- admiral trenchs providence class dreadnought
invisible hand- general grevious's personal providence class flagship
akaidia- count dookus personal providence class dreadnought
nightblade- asajj ventress's personal vega class stealth fighter
scepter- nute gunray's personal luhlherk battleship
ardent- general grevious's munnificent class flagship
destroyer- general grevious's recurscant class flagship
malevolence- seperatist super weapon commanded by general grevious

note that the if you play the clone wars campaign as seperatist you will only have it until episode 4 destroy malevolence and also during campaign you will get certain heroes at certain times where in galactic conquest you get them all at once but i dont have the full list here anyways so there will be a lot more units and heroes until then aurevoir aloha seyonara and peace

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