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Four scenarios about prisons and great escapes. Good fun.

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Hell-lo! We're breaking out of jail today. Hope you got some spoons to dig the tunnel with.

Let's start with Prison, a single First Encounter map by an unknown author. Single-floor mapsets are nothing unusual in the Mac modding community, it seems. Nonetheless, you will have to defeat many enemies and push many secrets on your way to freedom.

Nobody knows.

prison 1


Prison Break by TX Sirron aka Tony Sirron brings us 10 maps for the Second Encounter and is probably the most interesting of today's releases. The levels are tightly built and sometimes feel sprawling despite only taking a part of the 64x64 grid. The author claims that every map has its own challenges - lots of secrets, dead ends, bosses, ammo and health starvation etc. Enemies are plentiful, but not obscenely so. All in all, a solid piece of Mac mapping.

Tony Sirron.

prison break 1

Prison Break

Prison Escape by an unknown author: five maps for the First Encounter, chock full of Nazis. Lots of secrets and treasure too. The level architecture starts out rather claustrophobic, but gradually opens up, culminating in a wide open area where you will be flanked from both sides. Be warned.

Probably some inmate.

prison escape 1

Prison Escape

And finally, Prision Escape (not to be confused with Prison Escape), again by an unknown author, gives us four maps for the First Encounter. They don't really have any gimmick to them, it's just the usual Mac routine.

No clue.

prision escape 1

Prision Escape

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