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How began Fleet Arena, what is our history and what is to come!

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How it all began...

Our studio life had a tumultuous history. We began crafting the universe behind it all a long time ago between two classes. From there, we became addicted to the idea of crafting our own science-fiction universe.

We worked really hard to craft it and then realized how crazy it was. How big of a project it all became and how we needed to make it happen. At this time though our plan was to make our universe into a full on movie... Simple as that!

Why Fleet Arena?

From there we grew into the artists we are now. Aware that making a movie is not easy and cost a whole lot of money, we turned our attention toward smaller idea. Therefore, we began crafting small scope project, but one problem persisted, we have a really hard time keeping it small. This is where Fleet Arena come from. It follow our same old pattern, starting small and turning a 2 month project into a full scale 3D strategy game... We can't help it!

Where are we now?

From that simple idea of a 2D strategy game to this wonderful 3D game, a lot of water has gone down the stream. We are now in our own studio working 60h+ on this project and living off subways sandwich (Slowly crafting an hole in our pocket haha).
But we are now proud of what is before us, a working game that is both becoming pretty and awesome. The feeling we experiment when we see our code working is such a satisfaction...
Our plan is now to sell our game on steam in the near future.


We plan a presale on kickstarter!

If you are interested by Fleet Arena, follow us on IndieDB and on Twitter @MultimediaAxone.
Thank you and see you soon in the Arena!

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