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We know its been a long time since our last update, and we are going to make up for it by announcing some cool stuff that has come up...

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As you know, it has been several days... i other words, a few two months i believe... that the BIA has annnounced their last new things. To mkae up for it, we have gotten a new staff member and more cool stuff ingame and other stuff being worked on at the moment.
Things for you to know about what has happened for the last two months:

1. We have a new member, Coffe Demon, not only a coder, BUT A REAL CODER!!! He has gotten to work and has done some small adjustments on some stuff, but his real work will later on be shown.

2. As you know, we have a few Chaos stuff going on. Some of you believed we would have Nurgle zombies... we were to, but was decided not to a few weeks back *insert sad face here*... but that did not stop us and the new army of Chaos Undivided will be coming out. Some new stuff are Chaos Dreadnoughts, Daemons and other units!

3. Although it was on our intentions to just modify the Guards and Choas, it has come to our attentions the other races' models, and so, with Wereturnip's signal, new models for the Eldar, Dark Eldar and Orks have been worked on at the moment.

4. The newest things that are being done to the Elysian and Tallarn just now are the "Tunnels", a Tallarn special move that fits them nicely. The Elysian, as you may have noticed in the new Forgeworld website, have a new model, the Venator, that is currently being built by our good sir, Scotzman, our Elysian leader.

Things to remember:
+ We are still looking for coders and maybe even texturers.
+ Jaguar-Lord, a greatly known mapper, has agreed on making some maps for us and has given us a great honour to have him in our ranks.

The Sites: (due to many of you lot's request to know about other mods for the Imperial Guard...)

The BIA Site:
Roleplay Site:
Mod Helping Site:
Death Korps of Krieg Mod:
and least, but still importantly the Praetorians Site:

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