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AAD Productions's second game is in full swing and mere weeks away from release.

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We here at AAD made a very ambitious game a little while ago called FRONTIERS. It's on Steam Early Access, still forging ahead. However, some of us non-coders have already finished all the work we can do on FRONTIERS -- so a side project was born to help support development company-wide. We called this project Alpha Wave Entertainment: A small studio to create innovative little games in double-quick time for virtually nothing. On top of that, all these games will have full virtual reality integration. Still pretty ambitious, I hear you think!

Well, two months later, our first Alpha Wave game is nearing completion. This is Euclidean.

You'll control a character endlessly falling through a mysterious otherworld, dodging obstacles and giant uncaring monsters who will neither chase you nor get out of your way. Your life and death, your whole existence, simply does not matter to them. It's up to you swim for your soul.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be telling you more about what you can expect from Euclidean’s technology and gameplay. More importantly, we’ll be showing you what to expect with more screenshots and gameplay videos. It’s already a hell of a lot of fun to play. Stick with us for another month. The power will be yours!

...Or the complete lack thereof, as you’ll be a puny, helpless mortal adrift all alone in a frightening, indifferent universe...

Avatar--Ryan A. Span, Project & Design Lead

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