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We've finally got the paperwork taken care of! Our kickstarter is on the way!

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After many months of wrangling with bank accounts, legal documents, amazon tech support and kickstarter staff, we finally got everything taken care of to begin the Kickstarter for our game, DwarfCorp!

Here are some details:
Launch Date: Wednesday, July 24th at 7:30 PM USA EST
End Date: Friday, August 23rd at 7:30 PM USA EST
: $20,000

We're extremely excited about this. We have feverishly been working on this in preparation for the campaign. Shooting video, adding features to the game, creating rewards, and writing new content! We have some cool updates and new content planned for the campaign, so stick around for more news.

In other news, the pre-alpha prototype was featured on G1Teanji's let's play channel:

We've also been working on new features, such as volcanoes:


And new textures!

Grassy Mountains

More updates are coming soon! Be sure to visit our site , and follow us on Twitter!

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

I think it would be interesting to hear a bit about the struggles of getting a game on Kickstarter. I've always wondered about the "trust issues", since you need someone to create the account the money goes to.

How can you solve the problem of one guy just running of with the money made on Kickstarter? I always believed it was difficult to do, when the Project Leader is not US-American. I'd read that article (if there was one ^^)

Oh, and also: congratulations!

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CompletelyFairGames Author
CompletelyFairGames - - 15 comments

The short answer is that to avoid any potential legal troubles, we wanted to form a company so that there was a legal framework in place before we began accepting money from backers or selling copies of the game. This is a pretty standard thing people do before going into business.

We're academics and creatives, not businessmen or lawyers. We weren't familiar with the process or how long it would take. Most of our time was spent waiting on the state, the banks, and Amazon. There were numerous problems at each office with people mispelling our name, putting down the wrong address, or linking us to the wrong tax code, etc.

However, I am *very* happy we went through this. Now we have a shared company bank account with standard procedures on how the money is distributed to shareholders. We're also able to legally make contracts with employees or other companies, and are a legal entity in court should we be sued. If we'd stuck with an informal agreement, all of this would be unclear and we could get ourselves into serious legal trouble!

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isbeorn - - 837 comments

I'm also waiting for it to start! I want to see this game done :)

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Intersting! I apreciate the explanation. So I take it you made a Ltd or something of the kind for your studio?

Idk, I keep thinking about these things and I believe it would help so much to take a project into a serious direction to actually feel like everyone belongs to the same company. I'm just a little anxious to get it all started.

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Outrageous. no reply ^^

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CompletelyFairGames Author
CompletelyFairGames - - 15 comments

Woah, sorry. We started an LLC.

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xXdolceXx - - 7 comments

cant wait to try the game out its look at first look good

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