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We didn't know what we are getting ourselves into when we decided to create games. However our first game really helped us fine tune our pipeline and processes and that is priceless.

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I'm Aaron the founder of Crazyhands Studio and I have to be honest I'm really nervous about putting out our first game out into the world and I'm also excited at the same time. It was a reality check for us in getting into creating games I guess you never really know what to expect until you dive into it. We have been working on EXO Alpha for 18 months now and it will be released November 20th for the iPhone first.

EXO Alpha is a 2D fast flying endless runner game which takes place in space. You play a character named J-316 he's a blue collar worker working for EXO Corp a mega company who creates innovative technology to aid in balancing the Earth's atmosphere and waste. We are developing a web comic the 1st issue is free when you subscribe on the EXO Alpha page. We will be releasing the gameplay trailer soon but here is the teaser trailer below.

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