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Our long awaited news update. New progress, and some job openings, along with a new poll. Do you prefer Cold war era, or World War II Era. Let us know below.

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Hello fellow Nazi Zombies Source fans. We apologize for the delayed news update, we have had a lot going on. We just want to update you guys on some of the progress we are making. We are moving super fast, some of our weapon models are getting completed, and alot of the core gameplay code is starting to get in place. Expect alot of updates soon, along with some pictures. We also have a poll we are wishing to conduct on behalf of the design team. We want to hear from you, whether we should remake the original Nazi Zombies, or the new Black Ops Zombies. We plan on adding new stuff, but in terms of the guns and time era, what do you guys prefer? Please let us know ASAP.Also in this update, we have some job openings. We currently seek a Graphics Artist, Texture Artist, and a programmer. Graphics Artists should be capable of creating banners, logos, art, and ingame sprites. Our texture artist should be able to paint a diffuse map, and apply a variety of dynamic and static lighting effects, along with phong or specular mapping. The programmer opening is available to anyone fluent in C++, and are able to apply their skills to the Source Engine, to help us implement some of the core gameplay code. How would joining the Nazi Zombies Source team benefit you? You will have experiance with some professional developers, getting experience with many team based techniques used internally, such as bug tracking, version control, collaboration and team based design discussions.

Over and out,
Nazi Zombies Source Development Team

lolwhassup - - 98 comments

original. with some black ops zombies elements

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juggaloarby - - 27 comments

I say do original, then later as you patch the game add black ops maps and guns, also would love to see new maps.

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Killi101 - - 1,132 comments

All as one

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DickBalls - - 105 comments

i would agree with killi 101 why not both?

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darkapples - - 117 comments

I vote you continue with recreating Nazi Zombies first, given you've got some of that done. On the basis of time, it'd be done sooner (I'm trying not to be selfish), and then new content could be patched it.

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ComradeHell - - 243 comments

orginal first

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sasuke2490 - - 347 comments

original first

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MitchellS Author
MitchellS - - 1,181 comments

Excuse the spelling mistake in the header XD. Fixed now.

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MitchellS Author
MitchellS - - 1,181 comments

Please know, we have pretty much started over, and we are hauling content out quickly. Nothing is kept from before, just some of our maps. So just if anyone had that as a concern, we are just doing the common stuff (Guns, Maps, Code) between COD5 and COD7. It's not too late to do either.

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MrCake - - 84 comments

make a poll?

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mod-man-8 - - 277 comments

Combine the two. The mystery box could contain both WWII and cold war era weapons.

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MitchellS Author
MitchellS - - 1,181 comments

That would be a viable option if the community prefers.

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edwardgz - - 19 comments

I belive that you should keep the original zombies but do not add the new zombies from blackops(crawlers, and telezombies) the new ones where just bs add to the game that just frusterated the less expirenced players and ruined strategies for the more expirenced ones. Both wepons should be added but i belive the wonderwaffle, thundergun, and winters howl should still be in different maps by thier time frame and arhitecture. Make sure to included both turrents and electric zappers and for very large maps similar to a fairly popular waw mod dead sand airstrikes that can be bought. An ugrade machine is not needed at the begginning but consider patching the game with one later on.(increase last of popularity) The dogs should stay since at least they were not eh crazy bs the tele zombie was which if you ****** up with it then you would be screwed. I hope this could help... I would love to see this mod out it would make my day

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M0rg0n_Fr33m4n - - 133 comments

hmmm are the music easter eggs gonna be in the maps????

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MitchellS Author
MitchellS - - 1,181 comments

Something to consider :D

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Slimfly - - 4 comments

Make the original first then if you guys have the time make the black ops one but for the original Nazi zombies put all the weapons from every map in COD5 Nazi Zombies like the ray gun, mg42, browning, colt, wanderwaffle etc.... but also try to put like a mystery box, doors to buy, points, teleporter, and a pack a punch but this is just some advice you guys dont have to take it. It would just make it feel like the original Nazi Zombies try the best you can to complete this mod i want to play it so badly!!!!!!!! :) Good Luck and hope you finish it quickly but throughly.

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redstar499 - - 25 comments

i say WW2 since you already have some done and people with most likely do that on custom servers

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K!K! - - 67 comments

You guys do know that there is already a Nazi Zombies Source mod for HL2. If you look up nazizombieszource in the search bar in Moddb and find the one that says Nazi zombies beta 1.1 that's it. It's being done this on guy, and he could use help with map-making and some other stuff but he has Models, The Nazi Zombies, Perks, Box, and overall concept down, so please look it up.

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