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We now have 2 3D Modelers and a web-designer which completes our core team! This means that progress will begin to show shortly and we will soon have a custom web site of our own instead of relying solely on IndieDB and DeviantArt with their restrictive layouts.

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Yes! The team is finally complete, though not all are on IndieDB... Oh-well, as long as we can stay in contact, right?

You can find the concept artists here: though the primary one is

Viktor Ivanov: (Creatures) is his online portfolio.


Christian Cunningham (environment and props)

The rest of the dev team is, in addition to you;

The programmer is Larry Based Hart:

One of the composers is:

The other composer is:

The web-designer:

The videographer is sort of iffy, still waiting on a definite yes or no from him. His contact is:

And I am here: and here:

In addition to the core team, I'm also getting product marketing advice from :

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