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Spiral Game Studios presents the official trailer for the ORION: Source Multiplayer Beta product. Check out the trailer to see a full overview of what the Source Multiplayer Beta offers as well as brand new footage.

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We have compiled and created the official trailer for the ORION: Source Multiplayer Beta. This video showcases all of the elements and features that are within the product.

Created from recent footage during developer playtests, this video sums up what the Source Multiplayer Beta truly is. Featuring fast-paced and competitive gameplay, Orion brings back the the charm that was inspired by the retro gaming classics.

Nominated for multiple awards for both game play and art style and available as a free download at:


We are about to launch a two-week media / marketing blitz that is going under the label "Mystery Days".

Each day we will be releasing one brand new image that will create a larger image when the two week period is up. Once we reach Day 14 we will be making a rather large announcement that is related to the Orion universe. We have been working endlessly towards this and are very eager to unleash it upon the public. Make sure to check our web page, moddb site, or wherever else you can find us on a daily basis to see each new image.

Until next time!
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zaro27 - - 103 comments

They're going to release Orion over Steam. I'm calling it now.

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zaglis - - 114 comments

Imagine...people playing Orion. That would be pretty sweet.

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MrMattWebb - - 1,803 comments


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Jike - - 177 comments

that weird player never works for me, any chance of getting a youtube URL?

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camz123 - - 48 comments

disable your add blocker on if you have one enabled i had the same problem

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Nilghai - - 885 comments

sweet ^^

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Darthlex - - 1,050 comments

We have been working effortlessly towards this

Did you really mean that you have been working without effort towards this? O_o .. That sounds .. Contradicting?

It looks great. Although I am not the biggest fan of this kind of shooter, I can aknowledge that a lot of work and dedication has gone into making this mod.

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The_Dias - - 269 comments

Ewww, why would you show a player falling in their neutral-pose & steam messages in your video?

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Henley - - 1,973 comments

Yeah I'm not sure why you would allows stuff like that in your video.

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Neon-Ghost - - 1,605 comments

In game footage :P

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benbellis - - 215 comments

I was about to mention the steam thing -- WHen your recording set your friend status to away! -- I get ocd about these things :=

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Killer_man_1996 - - 511 comments

The best way to record it's creating a .dem file and then use Fraps or that things with Steam in Off-line mode

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MechanicalPaladin - - 585 comments

Awesome trailer! And hey! Look who is online :D

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Barent - - 5 comments

this looks bad, sorry

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RustySpannerz - - 641 comments

Aww... Is that the one with the dinosaur? Seen it...

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes
JopiMan - - 24 comments

I hate halo.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
AJ_Quick - - 1,321 comments

Thank god you guys have "Dynamic combat" lol. All these games with static combat are getting me down. Nobody moves or shoots or does anything! You just type "Damage enemy" into a console. UGH! STupid static combat!

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ThePeanutBaron - - 249 comments

"I'm going to say Orion is probably going to be the most talked about podcast on podcast 17" Either Orion team has a podcast and then they discuss that podcast on podcast 17 or the person who made the video made some very stupid mistakes.Saying that its still one of the better trailers I have seen.

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

Wow, now what? I wanna see what's the big announcement, until there, gonna try to fix my pc to run it ;)
Ah and btw, go listen to the music The Stars of Orion, it's pretty nice :D

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Nicklan - - 193 comments

Become as big as cs?Don't think so.....looks like a shooter that I would play for like 1 n a half hour and then become bored of it

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Praz Author
Praz - - 893 comments

I believe the quote references it as if we continue developing on it and fleshing it out, such as adding new maps, weapons, game modes.

Not in it's current state, which is still a Beta 1 release and only a fraction of the game (and only one game-mode).

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Cypher05 - - 102 comments

I like the start of this when Steam says someone started playing.

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Praz Author
Praz - - 893 comments

That's my personal favorite bit as well

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coolkid87 - - 173 comments

I am glad that you guys keep up the development of this despite the large amounts of negative feedback. I do believe that this was caused by the last major release having major server issues. That being said keep up the good work with some quality unique feature and I believe that you can get a good player base in the future.

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Praz Author
Praz - - 893 comments

Thanks. However, we released a huge update (Beta 1.2) that fixed the server crash bug last
month. Download it and check it out! Over 100 gameplay fixes am additions as well as 5 new maps.

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ghost59 - - 1,060 comments

awesome where do i sign up.

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Praz Author
Praz - - 893 comments

Download it here at ModDB:

Or from one of the mirrors on the projects website:

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xilefian - - 451 comments

I just noticed why I find it so hard to get into the game.
It is very complicated for what it is and what it looks like. A lot of features have been thrown in, other mods like Neotokyo have few features and simple gameplay which makes them much easier to get into for me.
I like Halo 1's online because that's very very simple and I can get into it easily, no iron-sights, jetpacks, classes, it's simple.

This mod visually looks very good though, besides a few mapping bugs such as underwater see-entire world and be out-of-water-under-water, I can explore and admire the beauty of the landscape for a while.

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