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Welcome to the re-imagining of the EuroGamer 2010 / NVIDIA technology demonstration. This has been completely remastered with brand new camera tracking, new camera shots, updated materials, better compression, a brand new music track and tons of updated sound effects. Enjoy the trailer the way it was meant to be seen!

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As promised (and delivered early!) we are back to poke out heads out and deliver you on what we had promised - the Director's Cut Trailer!


Here are a few HD screen grabs that were taken directly from the trailer it self - enjoy!

It is time for us now to crawl back into our developer holes and continue chipping at away! Do not worry - we still have a few updates planned for the rest of November.

Make sure to visit our company website. We are going to be launching the new community section soon. Make sure to register your account as we host a lot of un-seen content and will be taking beta applications through there.


MrMattWebb - - 1,803 comments

Okay, just curious: Why is this posted under a Source mod when this isnt Source or HL2 related? Why not create a new game profile for what this is? These images could create some misunderstandings in the community.

The visuals do look good though.

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KortalMombat - - 391 comments


they have a udk page for the prelude, but they update this more to bug the hl2 community i guess.

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Praz Author
Praz - - 893 comments Reply Good karma+1 vote
medve - - 1,475 comments

why are they running if they have jetpacks?

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Praz Author
Praz - - 893 comments

Hooked Gamers: So how exactly do you balance dinosaurs and humans? It must be difficult for the dinosaurs to catch up to and kill humans that have guns and jetpacks.

David Prassel: We've actually implemented systems that have pros and cons for each item in relation to the Dinosaur system.

For example, the T-Rex has horrible vision and a narrow line of sight. However, his sense of hearing is off the charts. Let's say that you are the 'Assault' class which comes bundled with our infamous Jetpack. You need to be smart about when to activate these around the T-Rex as if you do it at the wrong time it would mean certain death. Upon ignition of the jetpack, the combination of the blue flare and the high-pitch squeal of the jetpack will automatically alert a nearby T-Rex of your exact position and pretty much make you a locked target.

You'll notice in the EuroGamer Technology demonstration that they didn't jetpack until the very end. A lot of responses we get are "why didn't they just jetpack right away?". The answer is simply you won't want to if you are near a T-Rex - or unless you have no other option as it was in the trailer.

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LordLOC - - 14 comments

Wow, I don't know why but I always thought this was still on the HL2 engine. Maybe I missed what engine you guys were using in an earlier announcement or something. Is that the Crysis engine?

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Neon-Ghost - - 1,605 comments

It's UE3

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