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Just wrapped up our weekly Sunday playtest! Things went great and Podcast 17 also joined the party! Enjoy the new media and watch out for Orion related things in Podcast 17's upcoming podcasts!

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We have conducted yet another playtest today! Things went well! We even had a few new guests! Podcast 17 joined this playtest and you will be able to hear more about that on one of there upcoming podcasts.

Also don't be forget to check out our new website if you have not seen it! We have also implemented new forums with a great style that ties in with the website.

Make sure to register on the forums ( ) to have the opportunity to get exclusive access to the beta before we release! This includes the invite to join us in our playtest and to possibly be featured in both screen grabs and game play clips!

Looking for talent!

We are looking for one (1) programmer to develop with our two other programmers Jack and Ben. We currently use a multitude of software and tools to create and communicate with one another. This include: SVN Servers (3) / FTP / Overlord and more!

Level Designers
We are looking for two (2) experienced level designs familiar and creative with Valve's Source engine. Examples required and experience with Displacements and Brush work is encouraged.

Character Animator
We are looking for one (1) experienced individual that is capable with the Valve Source engine and its use on Rigs, Bones, Attachments and familiar with the human anatomy and capable of manipulating it.

March 2010 Content Update

We are nearing the first public beta release (as you should all know!) and things will only get more eventful for us. We will be releasing the Alien content (weapons and multiple player models) as fast as we humanly can after the first public beta. Shortly after the first release of the beta we will continue work on two new game modes to release soon after. This includes:
Team Deathmatch

We also plan on including 3-4 new levels that can be played in all 3 game mods (Capture The Flag, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch). This will include gameplay adjustments, fixes, adjustments and anything else that may arise. We will constantly do this (via patches) up until our first (of many) Content Updates. The first Content Update is scheduled to release in March.

The first of many Content Updates. This will feature many new elements to the game. So far we have planned:

Two New Classes!
We are looking to include two new classes: TECH and DEMO. This will bring forth a bunch of new weapons (for all classes), including: Rocket Launchers, Flame Throwers, Plasma Casters, and other greats. This will also include the class-specific perks (that each class has).

New Game-Mode (Vital)
This content update will introduce the first prototype of our completely custom and unique game mode called Vital. This game mode will require it's own set of maps which will be much larger than those featured in the first public beta (2-4X bigger!). This isn't to say our current maps are small either!

This game mode will be flexible and mappers can change things up to make things play out entirely different! This will introduce new weapons for each class (so that you can customize your load-out from a variety of weapons available to your class).

This will also be the premiere of both the Dinosaurs and the Drivable Vehicles (which the maps will be able to fit).

This among many other things will help make Orion closer to the final version. However, enjoy the betas until we reach them and post impressions on the forum when the time comes!

We will also be doing another news post soon with e Q and A to answer any popular questions and to hopefully clear up any confusion regarding the first public release as well as everything that's planned after the first release!

Until then, enjoy these 5 new screen grabs!


loving the updates fellas. So far the whole mod is comming along nicely. Really excited to see you guys impliment dinosaurs and see how that'll change the gameplay experience.

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It looks like you guys had alot of fun, to bad I wasnt their.

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Ooooo forums. Oooooo exclusive access. But do I have the time. Anyway great stuff.

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Looks like your website is currently down... But sounds great!

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Praz Author

It's currently being fixed.

I've had enough of this web host... don't use

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Lookin' great!

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