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Welcome to Day 09 of the "Mystery Days Event". Each day we will be releasing a brand new image relating to a large announcement that we will be making on August 11th, 2010. Check our page daily to see the new image that will create a larger image on Day 13.

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Today marks the ninth day of the Mystery Days event. Over the next two weeks we will be releasing a brand new image every day. We won't be saying too many words about the image it self - just letting you feast your eyes on it and take guesses as to what is to be coming on AUGUST 11TH 2010.

The first sets of these images are composed from a larger illustration that on DAY 13 you will be able to see in all of it's glory.

We look forward to being able to share these new announcements with you and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Piuneer - - 1,170 comments

4 more days!
Vehicle combat, dinosaur fights, and airplanes
What's not to love? ^_^

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

Being headshotted as in one of the last pictures that we've saw.

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Neon-Ghost - - 1,605 comments

Okayyyy...That seems to be more compact than the concept :v

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Praz Author
Praz - - 893 comments

That other concept was newer than this and better reflects the actual vehicle

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MitchellS - - 1,181 comments


No picture has proven me wrong :P

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faketits - - 35 comments

Cool, vehicles. I hope this is going to be like halo 1 multiplayer with better graphics, that would be awesome.

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DoctorCheese - - 254 comments

Dont forget the dinosaurs

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wafflewarrior7 - - 92 comments

Great game, I downloaded it but its completely dead. not one player.

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DangerousCat - - 875 comments

They all waiting their hour to fight!

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iopzx - - 148 comments

I would like it if they put their stuffs as soon as they can. And I always thought that Valve's omega teasing events are so boring and annoying.

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Paddy84 - - 34 comments

Every time i will play the mod.... the server in the server list are empty no one play this mod...... thats frustating

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