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Unknown Imperial Transmission Sender: Unknown Receiver: Unknown Subject: Ordo Geminus

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Unknown Imperial Transmission

Sender: Unknown

Receiver: Unknown

Subject: Ordo Geminus

--++ As you requested my lord I have acquired good information regarding the rogue organisation known as Ordo Geminus, I have included an abridged version of their known history as well as some speculation regarding their intentions towards this are great Imperium.



According to my records the Ordo Geminus began life as a faithful branch of the Adeptus Sorietus, led by two twin sisters know for their piety and devotion to the Emperor, soon after their ascention to Canoness they and their squad were despatched to the world of AIuralosst to investigate growing reports of potentially dangerous heresy being transmitted to Imperial space by the planetary government, where most simply ignored the transmissions, due to the worlds notoriety for unintentionally wasting the time of Imperial forces, the Adeptus Sorietus having dispatched the twin sisters took a greater interest. The ship arrived in what seemed like a matter of days, and the sisters reviewed the intelligence from the planetary government, the heresy appeared to revolve around a mysterious figure who arrived on the planet about five months earlier and began performing miracles some of them reportedly sinister in nature, shortly after this some of the inhabitants began calling the man by one of three names The Malefex, The Hand Of Glory and The Left Hand Of The Emperor this final name is where the heresy lay to associate this being with our most noble of Emperors, It was possible that this was the work of Chaos and the sisters decided to confront this man and his followers and cleanse their taint with the Emperors sacred flames.



As the sisters and their squads surrounded the dusty clearing they were met by a group of 100 men and women dressed in the ragged grey clothing of the AIuralosstian working tier the squad raised their weapons, "Hold your positions" one of the sisters shouted as the horde drew nearer, "The Left Hand Of The Emperor welcomes you, the most faithful of the Empires servants" an old man said gleefully, "He is waiting to see you", "Be silent Heretic!" one of the sisters shouted pointing her holy bolter in their direction, the man staggered back somewhat shocked, "M, my apologies" he stuttered "Please he wishes to speak with you", "He knew you would come", The sister didn't see any threat in this man, no taint of chaos, no malice she could see in his eyes his devotion to the Emperor, "We will come to your master, but the rest of you will remain here, under guard" she said, ordering part of her squad to remain behind and guard the civilians, they followed the old man to a cave a short distance from a pool of clear water, near to the cave mouth was a dark figure, he wore robes and armour similar to an Eldar Ranger, with an old style gas mask like that of the steal legion, his armour was emblazoned with an ancient heraldic mark which neither sister recognised, "Come closer...." the man beckoned as they drew nearer he began to sit down, and to their astonishment a chair of earth rose up to meet him, he sat in it quite comfortably, "What is this magic Heretic" one of them cried out raising their bolter causing the remaining battle sisters to raise their weapons in turn. "Tell me why do you call me a heretic when you do not yet know me, is it mealy the name those poor people kindly gave me", “The ones who distrust me dubbed me The Malefex if one name disturbs you then please feel free to use the other, "do you fear the presence of Chaos perhaps, Chaos is not the only power within the warp.", "In fact the Emperor's mighty spirit dwells there, protecting us all...." One of the battle sisters in the squad cried out "I won't tolerate this Heresy any further!!!" opening fire on the man with her bolter before anyone could stop her, the man raised his hand deflecting some of the bullets which flew back striking the sisters throat and temple killing her, the man stared at her shocked, "please this was not my intention he pleaded, I could....", one of the Canoness sisters turned to him pointing her bolter at his head, "you have sealed your fate heretic" she spoke softly slowly closing her finger around the trigger. The man reached out his hand, a purple light began to engulf him and suddenly there was a burst of blue-black flames, the dead battle sister arose composed completely of that same fire, throwing herself into the path of the bullet and destroying it, she was an Avenging Angel, how could this chaos spawned Heretic summon such a holy entity and bend it to his will, one of the sisters stood shocked, there was no taint of chaos here, just a sense of purity and safety, she felt the Emperor in his wisdom might actually be watching over this man, the other sister was not so easily impressed, "surly this must be some kind of trick", she whispered, as the Avenging angel faded away she felt as if the sisters soul was truly with the emperor now, "If you are a psycher or a witch then why do I not sense the warp upon you she shouted, what manner of beast are you who can force the Emperors own miracles to take place", "Mealy a servant of that Emperor, sent to show you the true path to his side" he said standing upright and opening his arms welcomingly, "He gave me this symbol as proof he exclaimed pulling an ancient metal seal from within his robes, this seal predates even he, it will be the sign of the covenant he wishes you to accept, that we may save the empire, from the corrupting forces which seek it's destruction", the sisters reached out towards the seal and as they both grasped it, it drew towards them both splitting in two and becoming one with their armour, they felt the emperors will stronger than ever running through their every thought, with the help of The Emperors Left Hand they would save the Imperium and humanity it's self.



That is how the story is told anyway after this the Canoness Sisters disappeared along with the Malefex, many battle sisters and a great number of the inhabitants of that landmass, the system was scoured diligently but no trace of them could be found, I have however acquired for you further accounts, reports and rumours regarding there whereabouts and current activities, which I will include in a subsequent transmission, preliminary reports indicate that though their intentions may be or have once been pure the eventual outcome of their machinations may ultimately undermine Imperial order and Harmony They should be treated as a potential threat to all Imperial authority. The capture or destruction of these sisters and their renegade army should be a high priority. ++--

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Unknown Imperial Transmission

Sender: Sairelus Malstrobe

Reciever: Unknown

--++I'hv bein looking ov'a dat info of yours mi lord an' I's ben doin' some reserchin of my own, I interigated on o' t'hose planets lads an he tells me a diffin' account o' events, these be 'bout dose Geminus Lassies, ya understand, it be said dat dey sympathised wit' them chaos folks outa de' immaterium from before dey hav' gon to dat litl' world, peoples hered rumours dat they speaked with Slanesh via sum' heretic or some such, and that dey liked wat dey heared, fella sayz dey let dat one free after, also rumor sayz dat dat "Hand 'O Glory" fella been speakin with Slanesh also, he been seen wit dem ladee daemons wat serves de chaos godd, I sayz we betta do somethin bout dem afore dey get to big of numbrrz and be cauzing big problemz to us loyalistz, I happ'n to 'ave finded wat could be der weraboutz, freighter capt'n tells me he'z nerly hit sum bid dimon' shape'ed thing near de blu' star systam, it be aving der markinz he sayz, I'z includes dem coordenantz fur mi'lords personal vewing, capt'n saiz dat thing fades in un out like it an't quite der' I'z gonna be folowing mor' leadz for ya suun, Sairelus Malstrobe, bounty hunter, signing of'. ++--


Translation Complete

I have been looking over that info of yours my lord and I've been doing some researching of my own, I interrogated on of the lads from that planet and he told me a differing account of events, this is about those Geminus Lassies, you understand, it is said that they sympathised with those chaos folks out of the immaterium (warp) from before they went to that little world, people have heard rumours that they spoke with Slanesh through some heretic or something, and that they liked what they heard, the fellow says they let that one (the heretic) free afterwards, also rumour says that that "Hand Of Glory" fellow had been speaking with Slanesh as well, he'd been seen with those lady daemons that serve the chaos god, I say we better do something about them (Ordo Geminus) before they get to great in number and start causing big problems for us loyalists, I happen to have found what could be their whereabouts, a freighter captain tells me he was nearly hit some big diamond shaped thing near the blue star system, he says it had their markings, I've included the coordinates for my lords personal viewing, the captain says that thing fades in and out like it isn't quite there I'm going to be following more leads for you soon, Sairelus Malstrobe, bounty hunter, signing off.

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