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this isnt related to development of the mod, it is just a summary of how this mod came into existance. so read if you dont read it, you wont miss out on anything.

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So, here is how this mod started. It all started with doom 4 for doom, D4D if you will, and a few days later, I see that someone found a way to completely 90% (I say 90% because levels arent here, but then again, they weren't in D4D) port shadow warrior to doom. so i decided to do more than to just copy a game to doom. I decided to attempt to make duke for doom, where it would have enemies from doom that acted like duke nukems enemies, maybe I would have given the imps a jetpack or something, and the weapons would look like doom, but would still feel like duke. However, about a month ago, I found a mod called duke3dtc.wad, and I realized my work was now worthless. i almost deleted the whole project. But then, all of a sudden, i realized a few things that the 20th anniversery addition of duke nukem 3d missed out on certain additions. More blood, more gore, more guns, and other stuff. so instead of deleting the mod, I decided to retexture the weapons from duke and add more blood, fatalities, more weapons, alt. fires, and more enemies. I just wanted to get this off of my chest. So development is still going well, I hope to release the mod soon. How soon? I don't know, probably between may and june. i still have yet to get enough done to show you anything.


The release date is a little far off, but i understand why. Do you think you'll release any test builds of the mod in the meantime? like, version 0.2a or something, then when you release it, its V1? Just an idea i have.

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I might, but no promises.

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