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Here is an image of some of the enemies you will meet while traversing Neuropa - the Orpo. Let us know what you think of the uniform. We'd love your feedback!

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The Ordnungspolizei or Orpo (English: Order Police) is the uniformed police force in Neuropa. The
force was first established as a centralized organisation uniting the municipal, city, and rural uniformed police that had been organised on a state-by-state basis.

The Ordnungspolizei embraces virtually all of the Third Reich's law-enforcement and emergency response organizations, including fire brigades, coast guard, civil defense, and even night watchmen.

The Orpo is seen as the National Police (general police) keeping the peace and upholding the laws of the Third Reich in Neuropa. However, Neuropeans question their true intentions...

Orpo Officer

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