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Orcish Inn has an official wiki now! There is also a new update to celebrate that. Besides the right beer, nice tavern interior and proper resting rooms, you have to entertain your visitors with music and slot machines!

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A new update is out! It adds a new satisfaction category called "Entertainment" and requires you to set up jukeboxes with disks found in the wild and slot machines with which you can play, too. The update can be downloaded by starting the launcher or, if you are new to Orcish Inn, right here:

Besides the new version, Orcish Inn has an official wiki now!

The people at Curse helped me to setup an Orcish Inn wiki on Gamepedia. It's already filled with basic information about the game's content and mechanics. Have a look by clicking on the following image:

Feel free to contribute, update articles or to translate the wiki into other languages! It's your wiki and with your help, it gets a valuable source for new players. Especially in the "Guides" section, you can show others your strategies for farming, brewing or tell newcomers how to survive the first days on the challenge map without running out of money. You already showed me some crazy pipe layouts, let's bring them to paper:

The highlights of Orcish Inn 0.0.13 are:

  • Entertainment Satisfaction: there is a new satisfaction category called "Entertainment" which consists of three parts. The first one is called "Innkeeper" and increases, if you, the innkeeper, stands in one room with the visitors. The second one is "Music". You can build jukeboxes and find disks with certain qualities while your visitors want a minimal quality of the disks played in the tavern. The third part of the entertainment satisfaction is called "Slot Machine" and is dedicated to the new slot machines you can build. To make these machines function, you have to put a barrel in, which come in different editions. A clan wants a specific edition to be happy.
  • Jukeboxes: jukeboxes are available right from the start, but getting disks is harder. Sometimes, the hawker sells one, but they are mostly found here and there, like in a treasure chest. The Orcish Inn sound and music guy @headchant also made a new piece of music, which plays sometimes in the background. The new and the two old music pieces make three disks in total. Disks get scratches over time and therefore lowered in quality, so prepare for finding new ones. Not only your visitors profit from a high quality music disk: you as the player regain stamina while staying in a room with a playing jukebox, which also scales with the disk's quality.
  • Slot Machines: these new machines require a barrel to work. Barrels come in four editions, which define the types of symbols the slot machine can display. They are obsessed like the faucets and talk with you and the guests. Visitors play a round on a slot machine with a barrel fitting to their satisfaction and pay some money to you. The bitterness of the last beer drunk has an effect on their playing behavior: a higher bitterness increases the chance that they play a round, but also increases the aggression generated when they lose badly (one of the slot machine results lets the slot machine offend the player with a bad joke and visitors don't enjoy that). You can play too, but you also have to pay money as the slot machines are licensed from the hawker. Besides some rewards, your stamina will increase while playing.
  • Slot Machine Rewards: different rewards await, like getting money or reputation, or the slot machine forecasting the next weather. One of the barrels can also blow up your tavern. A specific combination is related to so-called reward boxes. They can be bought from the hawker. Only slot machines can open the reward boxes, so you have to play too, if you want to get to its contents. Some of them contain music disks alongside other stuff.
  • Slot Machine Addiction: playing comes at a cost besides money. For every round, a new instance of a negative addiction status effect is applied, which invites you to play over and over again to reset its timer. If the timer runs out, you can get a withdrawal effect, depending on how many instances of addiction you piled up (1 instance = 1%). The withdrawal effect will lower the satiation regeneration of food for some time, but it can be removed with a bottle of medicine.
  • Sound System: some of the sound effects are played with randomly adjusted volumes and pitches for more variety. The volume of sound effects depends on the distance now, so you don't hear the footsteps of visitors far away and they get louder when coming closer.
  • Memory Leak Fixes: The big memory leak some experienced is fixed and a bunch of crashes and bugs too. Sorry about that!

The full changelog is available here:

The most useful thing you can do for me (besides feedback) is spreading the word! Feel free to share Orcish Inn with your friends, write or talk about it in forums and social media or tell your favorite writers, streamers or Let's Players about the game! You can also subscribe to the newsletter or follow the game on Steam:

(jukeboxes require one of the three available disks to play; they increase the visitors' music satisfaction and the player's stamina in the room)

(a click on a slot machine shows its storage and the interface to play a round, or two; different rewards await, including events like a weather forecast or an exploding tavern)

(the new entertainment satisfaction requires you to ensure some presence, quality music and slot machines of the right type)

Steven Colling

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Cool game dude

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Very nice! And great UI

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