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The new version 0.0.10 for the Orcish Inn pre-alpha is available! It covers item decay, an inventory limit, an inventory interface rework and more!

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Orcish Inn 0.0.10 is available through the launcher. The update consists of inventory related improvements. Check out the following section to learn more about the most notable changes. If you never played Orcish Inn before, you can download the launcher (and with it the game) for free here: (scroll down a bit)

The recent update covers the following changes:

  • Item Decay: Every night, perishable items (like food) can decay, so their quality is reduced by one. The chance that an item decays depends on both the decay chance of the item (raw fish decays faster than bread) and the decay chance of the storage (things in your inventory decay faster than items placed in chests). As an example, 10 breads of quality 3 can get 4 breads of quality 2 and 6 breads of quality 3 overnight.
  • Inventory Limit: Your inventory has a limit now. If the count of items you carry exceeds it, your movement speed decreases by 10%. Every 10% above the limit, your movement speed decreases further. You can increase the inventory limit by investing reputation into the storage-related upgrade or by buying a bag from the hawker. There are different types of bags and the hawker changes his offers every day (sometimes he sells dung! Just saying!).
  • New Storage Objects: Because of the new inventory limit, new storage objects are introduced. They have a higher storage limit than chests, but they can only hold a specific type of item. There is a wood yard (for wood of course), a stone yard (stone), an ore yard (iron ores) and an ingot yard (iron) as well as a silo (all types of crops) and a cupboard (for food).
  • Reworked Inventory Interface: The inventory has a solid background and organizes the items on pages you can browse through instead of an item matrix which increases in size. It also shows the storage limit and the storage's decay chance.
  • Comfortable Eating: The recently eaten food is displayed left to the basket. You can click on it to eat another one (instead of re-opening the inventory) or press R.
  • Water and Dung as Items: Water and dung are items now. If you click with the right mouse button on water (while the bucket is equipped), "water" is added to your inventory. You can transfer it to rain barrels or production machines like other items.
  • Movement Speed Changes: The movement speed changes depending on the ground you are walking on. Indoor floor types and dirt don't affect movement speed at all. Outdoor floor types like grass and land have a negative effect on movement speed (especially higher grass and land).

The full changelog with minor fixes and changes:

The roadmap posted in the previous announcement stated the following changes to Orcish Inn for May: semi-randomized map generation, an inventory rework and the first step of a clan system rework, including a clan satisfaction interface in the hub book. While the map generation and inventory rework are there, I wasn't able to finish the clan satisfaction related interface (for the hub book) in time. I started and actually have some parts of the interface done, but they are not in the recent update (because it's not finished). But then I worked in some parts of future tasks which were necessary now, like a rework of the underlying item system (which made item modding respectively user-created items available for the final version of Orcish Inn!). The clan satisfaction interface is therefore an objective for June and the month June looks like this now:

  • Clan Satisfaction Interface: investigating information relating clans in the hub book (and not in the temporary interface)
  • Lodging: orcs get drunk and have a "rest" satisfaction (like "beer" and "comfort") depending on how well the sleeping room is furnished
  • Pub Brawls: orcs get not only drunk but aggressive, until they go on rampage and damage everything (the player can counter it with different methods)

So be prepared for a house full of orcs and a bit of orcish riot! The full roadmap is available in the previous announcement:

The most useful thing you can do for me (besides feedback) is spreading the word! Feel free to share Orcish Inn with your friends, write or talk about it in forums and social media or tell your favorite writers, streamers or Let's Players about the game!

(new storage objects available including wood/stone/ore/iron yards, a silo and a cupboard: they store a specific type of item only)

(the inventory interface rework: solid backgrounds and pages to browse through when too many items are carried)

(the hawker sells random items, mainly bags to increase the new inventory limit)

Steven Colling


Great stuff Steven! Love your updates!


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