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After a test by Highsight we listened to the feedback and improved Orbs.

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After a test by Highsight, which can be seen at from minute 52 we listened to the feedback and improved Orbs.

After the test I talked to Fensal-ISU, who is a major tester of Orbs, about how to improve the game, making it more enjoyable right from the start. We agree that the first minutes of the game have to catch the players, grab their interest and keep them entertained. We developed a new system for the game.

We call it "Zone Controlling", which brings direct or indirect player vs player content right from the start. You can complete different tasks to take control of zones from other players.

In a later update, which is coming soon, controlling zones will grant bonuses, benefits and buffs for the controlling player.

What are you wating for? Check it out, register for free and play right away at


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