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Twitch Streams and a December playable demo target

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Hello everybody! It's been a while since the last news post. I'll keep this one short.

Twitch Streams

First of all, our artist Adrian is now streaming on Twitch. He streams his artwork nearly every day at around 7:00 PM PDT or around abouts (give or take an hour). Watch him work on models, animations, and concepts for Orbital Assault and ask him questions about 3D game art.

Follow him on Twitch at

I will also be streaming my programming live on Twitch. I'll be streaming far less often (most Fridays), between around 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM PDT. Watch me type out loads of incomprehensible code, search Google, and generally scratch my head and go "huh??" when things go wrong!

Follow me on Twitch at

December Playable Demo

Our current goal now is to aim for a playable PVP demo by the end of December. The demo will feature:

  • Fully functional multiplayer
  • Team-based player-versus-player deathmatch
  • Offline bot mode for practice

We're on track to hit this goal for now, but only time will tell. We'd love to get a demo out for everyone to test and enjoy as soon as possible.Thanks to everyone who's followed us up to this point. If you want to donate to help this project you can do so at our website (there's a donation button on the sidebar).Happy Halloween, everybody.


A demo by December? Wow, I hope you can pull that off. You must have a fair bit of content done or a demo that's really early. Either way, best of luck to you.

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KillaMaaki Author

Well, Adrian assures me that he believes December to be doable for him art-wise, and I'm very confident that I can get the necessary gameplay features done in that time. I've already got a pretty solid base for the game code, so I do think we're on track for that target.

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Bro hey

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