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Bugs fixed, tweaks. Collision polygons count decreased to improve performance.

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Hi Everyone!

There was a bug, which is fixed with this version, with a 3 switch puzzle when the switches were activated too fast, it was much harder to solve the puzzle and open the gate on 4th level.

The game performance is increased by optimizing protagonist’s number of animation frames and reducing the number of collision polygons of numerous game objects. This will free up some resources used to calculate physics.

OMSreen1500 01

OMSreen1500 02

List of updates included in this patch:

  • Incoming transmissions now require closing before they disappear;
  • Incoming transmissions bug when consecutive messages appear fixed;
  • Killing Moon Rose is no longer required for enemy cleared level bonus;
  • Fixed 3 switch puzzle on 4th level bug when switches turned on too fast;
  • Reduced number of collision polygons for many objects in the game, which increased performance;
  • MRC Trooper wont freeze before dying anymore;
  • Small ammo containers won't disappear without adding ammo to player;
  • Game now saves all applied settings;
  • Fixed rare bug when if new game started after MRC Punisher M1 fully supplied, it cannot be supplied again.
  • Improved targeting with controller;
  • Other minor tweaks.


OMSreen1500 03

OMSreen1500 04

OMSreen1500 05

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Orange Moon is a surreal 2D action-platformer with RPG elements and complex puzzles. Take on the role of an explorer as you discover the mysterious world of Orange Moon – filled with hostile native life forms and harsh, treacherous environments. To increase your chances of survival, choose from a variety of weapons, equipment, and upgrades to aid your dangerous exploration. Can you uncover all of Orange Moon's secrets?

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