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so since my last article got archived because moddb is a giant bummer (and for whatever reason lets all the sub mods into the "add-ons" list that are stand alone, but wont let me post an article with crass vocabulary...good going guys!) in almost every respect im going to keep this one short.

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basically the last version of opinhuman that i dropped wasnt up to par but ive been dealing with stuff on my end (the usual grown up stuff, nothing crazy really.) so it hasnt really all. so im going to come back and polish this bad boy up. im a perfectionist and i really want to see this thing back out of beta and more in line with "this is insanely detailed and awesome" again...because right now its in "thats good neough" mode and thats not good enough.
and im also working on a brand new super awesome map pack, so the mod has taken a huge back seat, especially since the moderators are content with letting music packs and stand alone mods that are just giant copy and paste fests knock mine and all the other actual add-ons to the bottom of the list. basically i just wanna make good doom and moddb community isnt really my thing. plus im making the map pack i have wanted to play since i started dooming that i havent ever seen. so it should be pretty awesome.

anyway, this article is super duper boring and really sucks compared to the last one i posted, but it is what it is because for whatever reason they archived my last one (an explanation would be sweet by the way moderators...if its the swearing it would be nice if you just let me know so i could edit it instead of just archiving it.) so yeah, once again, that really makes me just want to continue to ignore moddb even more and focus on the real doom community. im just kinda sick of the whole "ITS GOT A BILLION MORE GORES THAN EVERYTHING EVER!" mods, and im also sick of people telling me to add stupid stuff to my mod, or to help them with their mod...when all theyre doing is stealing stuff and not crediting the original author. (in other not help you with your project and im not going to change mine. i like it, it plays well...and i am going to come back and polish this baby up for another release soon. especially all the people that cheat and then complain that all the guns arent yeah duh. dont use cheats.)

sorry to sound rude, but archiving my last post was like "really? okay well i think ive had enough with the whole "you cant post this here because its not an add-on but all the other stand alone not addons are totally fine. you cant post that article on your mod because it uses adult swear words. you cant blah blah blah." i just wanna say what i wanna say and make the mods i want to make without every 14 year old gun cheating basement dweller coming in and complaining that there isnt enough blood or whatever. i just wanna do my thing, and im trying to, but right now the mod has taken a back seat. the map pack is really what im interested in right now because its looking insaaaane.

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looking forward to the update cortlong. kick ***!

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prime, youre the man homie.

i hope your projects are going well.

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