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We are now Publicly releasing OPDD's Beta 2 in time for the holidays! Make sure to check it out when you can.

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Please Remove your OPDD folder in the "Battlfield 2/mods" folder before installing if you have already downloaded and installed the first Beta.

User Posted ImageAnnouncing The All New Campaign ModeUser Posted Image

Currently this is an experiment and our only campaign map works but isn't really fully scripted and we have much more planned for it.

Campaign Preview Campaign Preview

When I say much more is planned, I mean things like:
* Plot/Storyline
* Objectives
* Having moments where you get to call in air strikes, or simply tell the evacuation choppers where it is safe to land.
*Being able to save your Campaign progress.

Some of this has already been started on and just needs to be setup, so you can expect an update in the future pertaining to this.

User Posted ImageServerUser Posted Image

I have really wanted to have a server up for Operation Dead Dawn, and I have one setup already for my computer. It should be a good strong server but I may not be able to have it up 24/7. Still I will try my best to have a server up as often as possible.

User Posted ImageSolving 64 Bit Install IssuesUser Posted Image

This was something high on the priority list for the second Beta release. For now I have made a simple fix by creating 2 different installers. One installer is for people with 64-bit and one is for people without it. I am hoping the 64-bit installer works 100%, but I don't have a 64-bit PC to test it. If anything IS wrong it is most likely just the shortcut and I can easily have that fixed and re-uploaded. Please report any problems with the installers and I can get them fixed ASAP.

User Posted ImageSuggestions? Help?User Posted Image

We have a ModDB forums up and running. If you feel you have a suggestion for the mod on how we can improve the gameplay or the mod in general please feel free to post in our Suggestion section. If you are having any problems with the mod I have made a Help section as well.
The ModDB Forum is located here:

We hope everyone enjoys our creation as much as we enjoy making it. Everyone have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and don't forget to vote in ModDB's 2009 MOTY. I have seen a lot of great looking Games and Mods this year and can't wait to see how everyone does. I also inserted a Readme.txt into the mod. If you have problems and want to talk to someone at CSP personally I put some contact information into the readme.



Downloaded it, it's epic.

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were's the download link?

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